I have two children who have never set foot inside a church or a place of worship.  The other day my daughter's older cousin said, "How come you didn't come to church today with us?"  And so I know that inevitably questions will arise from my daughter.  Things like:

"Why don't we go to church?"

"Where do we go when we die?"

"Who is God?"

What do you tell your children without flooding them with your own ideas?  The goal is to make the child think for themselves, but the problem is the "God concept" is so much easier to grasp and so much more pleasant for a child.  I didn't let go of God until I was in my 30's.  What suggestions do you parents have?  How do you handle the questions?  Where do you steer your children?

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I have not gotten to this problem yet but i think about it a lot.  I have read about other's and how they handled the situation.  one woman sat her daughter down and explained atheism, theism, monotheism and polytheism.  she also explained to her how there were many different religions and gods.  it sounded like that was a good way to approach it to me.  the truth is usually best and it is how i steered towards atheism.  but, you may want to also teach her how sensitive people are about their beliefs.

  With mine it was pretty much answer as the questins arose. As for not putting your own ideas into them...goodluck. As I see it kids need direction and most will absorb YOU like lil sponges. As for letting them decide themselves, when it comes too superstition, bigfoot, who shot Kennedy....Im telling them the truth as the evidence shows. If you DONT guide them someone else will. Of course if they become born again whatevers Im going to still love them..but I have certainly limited the odds of that happening. goodluck




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