It seems to me we may be on the edge of a post-theistic society; an upsurge in atheism, anti-religious writings, even websites like this one appear to indicate a move in the right (left?) direction. My question is, how do we hasten the arrival of the next Age of Reason?

I think humanity is slowly maturing past the need for Big Daddy in the Sky to look after it. As we learn more about the universe and its origins, it will soon be impossible for a thinking being to believe the myths and fairy tales of organized religion. Just as children grow past their belief in Santa Claus, the tooth fairy, unicorns and other mythical beings, so will humanity eventually outgrow its unreasonable 'faith' in a supernatural, anthropomorphic GoodOldDad and hopefully will instead begin to have faith in that which can be proven.

So, I would like your suggestions as to how we might expedite the enlightenment of the masses. Sites like this help, of course, but we're just talking among ourselves...preaching to the choir, verbally masturbating. What do you think is the best way to spread the word and proselytize for post-theism? I know there have been a few public displays like billboards, bus signs and ads, but the few measures that have been taken were attacked by the xtian right and didn't get enough publicity to make a discernible dent in the main stream of consciousness. I am, therefore, herewith putting out a call to arms. Let's put our collective heads together and conceive some ideas to speed up the extinction of organized religion. And let's think BIG!!

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So what are you saying, "living well is the best offense"? Nice idea, but not all of us have the means to be conspicuously 'prosperous'. I think if we have any hope of a breakthrough we need to start with the children. Adopt the catholic philosophy of 'give me a child until he's seven and he's ours for life' and stop the brainwashing before it starts. I'm proud to say that all my grandchildren are third-generation atheists and my one-year-old great-grandson will be raised as a non-believer as well. It's a heart-warming feeling to be the matriarch of a devoutly atheist family. If we all follow suit, we can eventually outnumber 'em.
No...being prosperous is not necessary. It is necessary to show that we are at least their equal.
The brainwashing will not stop until the public wants it to stop and the public will not want it to stop unless they realize that we are as they are and they can only come to that conclusion if we present ourselves conspicuous in public. It all starts with what the public wants, not what we want. Majority rules.
It is obvious that the generations of atheists haven't done much to change the situation.
The math doesn't add up. They also have generations of theists. As we increase in numbers, they increase in numbers. A century ago, religion wasn't a threat globally. Today, it is. We certainly don't have time to wait for additional generations even if the math did add up.
Are you serious?! Religion has been a threat since the first caveman threw a rock at his neighbor for talking to the wrong tree. It's true that they currently outnumber us, but our numbers, percentage wise, are increasing. And as more of us become vocal, more forums like this are established, and more scientific breakthroughs disseminated, we will continue to grow.
BTW, EVERYBODY who knows me knows I'm an atheist. And that includes everyone who reads my books and blogs. I run a group called "Pray for Atheism" on another social network and leave scathing comments on every fundie blog post I can find. In short, I'm as proactive and conspicuous as time and energy allow.

I agree completely. I also believe in pushing back as a tactic in countering the religious wackos. I think it's necessary to have out-spoken, confident atheists carrying the message that 'we're here and reality (not to mention, the constitution of the US) is on our side'. No more of going-along to get-along.

Religion for too long has lived in a comfy self-made guard tower, picking off any who dared stray outside their ideological walls. And it's high time that the inmates revolt and put the truly criminal where they belong. Banish them to the fringes of society, strip them of their power, clout and money and see how fast they recover from their delusions!

Can we do away with religion completely? No, I don't think so (typing that makes me sad). But we can marginalize the harm it does to society to a great degree. As a feminist as well as an atheist, I'm all too aware of the axiom; Power does not concede without a struggle. If women had waited to 'win over the hearts and minds' of the power structure we would still be waiting for the vote. And I think the atheists fight is similar, it's first and foremost about power.
I have suggested elsewhere that since our problems are so similar to those suffered by homosexuals in our benighted society, we should combine forces under the banner of "Gaytheism". Unfortunately, too many in the gay community are pounding on the doors of churches, looking for admission and acceptance, or founding xtian sects of their own. *sigh*
Being gay, that annoys me about other gay people. Unfortunately, many in the gay community still try hard to be "normal" and religion is part of that equation. It doesn't even phase them that you can be stoned for having sex with the same gender.
But surely it's more fun being stoned while having sex, with any gender. Even if you're xtian.
This is something that is very curious to me also, in the feminist community. I mean, the whole thing about xianity being delusion aside, how would anyone want to claim membership in an organization that is totally about rejecting anyone who even challenges it foundational belief system?

Yet, I will hear xian feminists say things like.."we're not going to let them hi-jack our religion" or "we're going to work from the inside to change it"...rrright. Xianity (as with all religions) is set-up as a power hierarchy. The entire bible is about one group wiping out or marginalizing its opposition. Rather it be through mass killings and slaughter or by the systematic indoctrination of self-loathing, the result is the same...power/control in the hands of the few.

I just don't get the reasoning behind this. I guess, I'm more inclined towards the Groucho Marx's quip " I wouldn't belong to any group that would have me as a member"




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