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I came out with Huntsman on top.  Second for me was Gingrich - why?  I would never vote for that scumbag.  I would have thought Romney.  Santorum was the bottom for me.  No surprise there.

Jon Huntsman
Former Governor of Utah
55.5 %
Newt Gingrich
Former Speaker of the House of Representatives from Georgia
52.7 %
Mitt Romney
Former Governor of Massachusetts
48.6 %

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Same here - Ron Paul.

Can I have 'none of the above'?

I hope so!

My Pick would be for the craziest one (The least Electible) . I can't tell which that is. The republican party needs to explode and get it over with. My guess is that if we have to have a republican president then Romney would be the least bad.

(Huntsman actually makes some sense, so is not getting the nomination)

Good point!  Except....  I would have said that about GWB, and look where that got us!  I thought the quiz was good - the ranking for me was not what I expected and, to be honest, I would hate to see Gingrich on the ticket almost as much as Santorum.  I agree that the Republicdan party needs to disband and create a new party from its ashes, one with a true choice in their conservative philisophy separate from their antisocial agenda.

Huntsman, Romney, none of the above. Not that my opinion means much, since I have never and will never vote for a Republican for any office, even school board.

ditto here!

Ron Paul.

So this is a game of "pick your poison"?

Ooh, hard, I hate them all so much.

Um, Huntsman, Romney, Paul and then Mr Frothy. 

I feel cold now and want to take a shower after typing this.

At least you didn't have to choose a ranking for Santorum vs. Bachmann.  How could anyone decide between them?  Oh, then there's Perry....  Triple threat?

This is just depressing. ... u.u

Mine was:

1. Huntsman

2. Paul

3. Moe (Gingrich)

4. Romney

5. Curly (Perry)

6. Larry (Santorum a/k/a Frothy)

Now, if you'll excuse me, like Jason, I have to go bathe.  Where'd I put that wire brush and bleach, anyway?



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