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I came out with Huntsman on top.  Second for me was Gingrich - why?  I would never vote for that scumbag.  I would have thought Romney.  Santorum was the bottom for me.  No surprise there.

Jon Huntsman
Former Governor of Utah
55.5 %
Newt Gingrich
Former Speaker of the House of Representatives from Georgia
52.7 %
Mitt Romney
Former Governor of Massachusetts
48.6 %

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Which one is Bozo?  I saw a news article that Huntsman is pulling out. (why does that sound like something interruptus?)

Obama is my favorite Republican neo-con.

But .... I hate neo-cons!

I read in the news where Huntsman suspended his campaign today.  Quick question. What's the difference in "suspending" versus "quitting" or "dropping out?" I mean, he's out of the running for 2012. Period. Is this some sort of thing like "suspended animation," where the body comes back to consciousness in 2016 or 2020? And if he "re-animates" his campaign, then does he have to live with the prior Iowa and New Hampshire results.  Or is 2016/2020 a "re-birth?" If that's the case, the 2012 campaign wasn't "suspended." It "died."

Enough with the euphemisms already!  He got his ass beat, and he's taking what's left of his marbles and going home.

Good Point!  I think it's something like this:  Huntsman is temporarily out of the campaign.  However, if someone publishes an online Kardashian-style sex video showing Perry being amorous with Santorum, while Romney and Paul stand over the amorous couple keeping them cool with large ostrich feather fans, and with Marcus and Michele Bachman serenading them with selections from "The Sound of Music", then Huntsman would have the option of taking his campaign out of suspended animation.   


Anything less than that, and 2016 will be his rebirth.

Watching Idiocracy again. Comacchio for President 2012!

wanna go backward a bit in the who's and how's... same shit every election
the fundies think it's all about their votes.. it's not. tiz about thi$:
Smith became a member and eventually the President of the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity and the secret society Skull and Bones.[5][6] He received his Bachelor's degree in economics in 1966. In his college years, he was a friend and DKE fraternity brother of George W. Bush.[7] Smith was also friends with John Kerry and shared an enthusiasm for aviation with Kerry[8] and was a flying partner with him.

Smith founded Federal Express with his $4 million inheritance (about $21 million in 2008 dollars),[9] and raised $91 million (about $484 million in 2008 dollars)[9] in venture capital. In 1973, the company began offering service to 25 cities, and it began with small packages and documents and a fleet of 14 Falcon 20 (DA-20) jets.

A DKE Fraternity Brother of George W. Bush while at Yale, after Bush's 2000 election, there was some speculation that Smith might be appointed to the Bush Cabinet as Defense Secretary.[11] While Smith was Bush's first choice for the position, he declined for medical reasons — Donald Rumsfeld was named instead.[12] Although Smith was friends with both 2004 major candidates, John Kerry and George W. Bush, Smith chose to endorse Bush's re-election in 2004. When Bush decided to replace Rumsfeld, Smith was offered the position again, but he declined in order to spend time with his terminally ill daughter.[13]

Smith was a supporter of Senator John McCain's 2008 Presidential bid, and had been named McCain's National Co-Chairman of his campaign committee. Some had speculated that Smith might have a role as an economic advisor in a theoretical McCain administration.
~oh and romney?
ha; total creep that'd give a rat's ass about the USA's Constitution; as long as he and his lackeys profit:
bitter and then some; f minus to them
and f minus to the theocracies (like Iran) they cozy up to. don't let em' fool ya
Iran is an Aryan nation and they dig that. fkn' liars

For me Huntsman seemed to be the only viable candidate.  

He had a decent finance record, Ambassador experience and was also a humanitarian.  He took climate change very seriously and supported real science.  He was also very consistent too.

I'm not surprised he dropped out.

Saw this on The Onion News website under "American Voices" regarding Huntsman dropping out.

People say speaking Chinese during the debate hurt him, but I think the sane, reasonable English he spoke the rest of the time was a bigger liability.

Ron Paul 88.9%

Think I can get away with writing in Colbert?

None. I can't take the majority of our politicians seriously, especially the republicans, after looking at the ingenuity of the International Pirate Party (PPI).




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