What is the rationale behind multiple posting?

I have noticed a few members seem to post exactly the same material in several forums and wondered if there is a prize for the most postings in a day or something. Perhaps the perpetrators crave the publicity or just like to see their own name or avatar.

I might be alone in this, but it is annoying to find exactly the same item posted several times by one person. It seems stupid to do this as any replies are scattered all over the site and no real thread develops. They know what they are doing and it is seems like it is attention seeking at its most immature level.

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You talking to me ? On rare occassions if a post is relevant to a topic in a forum group as well as user group, I'll post it in both places. I also like to keep a copy in my personal blog folder - which then autocopies it into the general blogs area which ends up on the main page. I have no control over the latter - if there was an option to prevent it, I would. If anything, I dislike x-posting more than you. Ning is very limited in what control you have - ideally, all copies should be linked centralising comments.
No. If it was you I'd rattle your can, Greeny. There are others, dare I say it, worse than you and not as furry. Really!




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