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Daily show take on the subject:


Rape is already one of the least prosecuted crimes- less than 2% of CONVICTED rapists serve time even though most women (1 out of 3 women reports a rape in her lifetime- most scientists believe 70% of rapes aren't reported so just imagine how many women are really being raped and how often and ugh how many men must be rapists.)


This is not because we cannot house rapists in prison this is because we do not believe rape is a serious crime as a culture. 8 out 10 black men are in prison for personal marijuana use (even though white males are significantly more likely to use marijuana 8-1 when compared to black men they are not imprisoned for the same crime at comparable rates.)


About six month ago a male Californian judge said on HLN we should "legalize rape because it's not a real crime and if we ever want any babies born rape is necessary." I can't believe American is becoming such a misogynist country- things have been getting worse for women over the last 10 years. I truly thought when I was a child I would see legal equality for women in my lifetime now I doubt it will happen in the next 100 years. By legal equality I mean the ERA- full human rights for women- the same ones people of color enjoy. 


To not consider rape at least the second worse crime is just a way of creating a way of terrorizing women so they can be controlled and kept in a second class status. Rape isn't in the 10 commandments so it doesn't count. Rape is the only crime where we blame the victim. No one ever asks why a white man wore that expensive suit when he got mugged- no one suggests he was asking for it. In many ways rape is worse than murder (as a behavior) because you can accidentally knock someone over and they could die hitting their head wrong but you can't accidentally have your penis fall into someone vagina. I guess in a strange way that judge was sort of right. How can we ever have consensual sex if the person straight women are having sex with has more legal and human rights? Isn't that then the same as statutory rape? Funny that only 50% of American women will ever experience an orgasm... it couldn't possibly be because most women are being attacked in the vagina!? No it's that women are less sexual than men- um ya. Sorry to digress but the subjects are sort of a mobious strip.

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Any large social movement consists of both individual actors, and organized groups.
The organized feminists groups, as a whole, oppose equal rites for men, and seek to maintain social advantages for women.  I am not aware of a single Feminist group that supports the presumption of shared parenting, for instance.
The individual feminist actors, well, you've seen what they are like on this forum.  I assure you they are no different on other feminist forums, which I frequently browse.
The strong, independent, and successful women that I know personally either do not identify with Feminism, or are actually support gender equality and are unaware of Feminism's extremist and bigoted nature.
So, I guess if a term such as Equalist exists which is truly egalitarian and which actually does represent your ideals, I don't understand why one would not embrace it.

Residual disadvantage left over from when women were aggressively discriminated against, mostly.  Why do the NAACP and United Negro College Fund still exist?  Because they're needed.


We have groups pushing to drive women back into a subordinate role in society.  Groups are needed to counterbalance in the opposite direction.  If women were treated equally on an individual level, almost everywhere, and we were just trying to maintain equality against groups trying to drive them into submission, I would be in a more equalist pose.  That's not the case, though.  In much of society, they really are discriminated against, still.  We're not there yet.

Women and African Americans are at different points on the civil rights scale.
Blacks do not compose the majority of students graduating from high schools.
Blacks do not compose the majority of students earning college degrees.
Blacks do not live longer than whites (to my knowledge).
Blacks do not receive preferential health care resources.
Black certainly do not receive preferential treatment in criminal sentencing.
Blacks, in my opinion, are not underrepresented in the higher echelons of business because of their choice not to pursue those positions.

While discrimination against women still occurs in 3rd World nations, (along with vicious oppression of males as well), I will put forth the argument that in Western Society men are greater victims of discrimination than women.  I am happy to defend this position, if anyone cares to challenge me.
The few areas of our society where women do experience minor forms of discrimination are easily covered under the Equalist paradigm.  It is only the areas where Feminists seek to abrogate the rights of others that would not be included.
Yes, please do keep a tally of all of the times I have engaged in ad-hominem attacks against persons on this forum.  I'd be interested in seeing the total (with quotes please).  Like this:

Orxy has said that:
1) I "internet-rape women"
2) I "belittle rape"
3) I don't have "an ounce of morality or compassion"
4) I am a "creep"

Those are yours, of course.  And just from one post.  I thought about quoting all of Asharu's personal slurs, ad-hominem attacks, and baseless accusations against me, but realized that I would have to copy/paste half of every post she has made since I joined the forum.

I will remind you, Asharu, and TNT666 that the site rules specifically forbid the behaviour in which you are engaging:
3. Harassing other members of the site may result in a ban. Harassment includes (but is not necessarily limited to) the following:
   1. Ad-hominem attacks and name calling.
   2. Blatantly bigoted or derogatory statements or remarks about someone’s race, gender, or sexual orientation.

I have confined my comments to the contents of person's posts and the false claims they have made, and I have refrained from personal attacks.  I would ask you to do the same in the future.
It's also a general rule that with groups, some issues are resolved. For instance, in the "pro-life" and "pro-choice" groups, people aren't supposed to get on the opposite side's group and argue with them over whether abortion is wrong or not, because that issue is already decided within the group. Groups are for people with a common interest to talk (and argue) about issues within that interest without having to go through the same arguments with opponents repeatedly. The way you've talked about the "feminist agenda" sounds pretty close to someone who opposes feminism and is here to argue about it.

I do oppose feminism.  As I have stated, I identify as an Equalist, supporting equal opportunities for all genders in all areas of society.

And while there was a requirement that I identify as an Atheist before joining the Nexus, there was no requirement that I identify as a Feminist before joining this sub-forum.  It is presented as a forum for discussing Feminism as it relates to Atheism.

And, even if it was limited solely to those supporting Feminist Mythology, would that justify the posting of false facts and figures on a public forum?  This would seem anathema to the spirit of Atheist Nexus.

  • And, even if it was limited solely to those supporting Feminist Mythology, would that justify the posting of false facts and figures on a public forum? This would seem anathema to the spirit of Atheist Nexus.

Which is why I popped up in defense of him.  I don't agree with a lot of his stance on equalism over feminism, but when he's got a point, he's got a point.

Hey, I am here for a discussion.  I am happy to have it with you, and perhaps with Prog Rock Girl, if you two are the only ones who are willing to engage in civil and logical discourse.
It's funny, but when I read a group called "Feminist Atheists" my reaction is, that's a group for feminist atheists. Not a place to debate the validity of or to discuss feminism as it relates to Atheism. But then again, I'm not the kind of person who likes going to places or groups of people I disagree with to try to debate or debunk them.
The group doesn't have a label that clarifies it one way or the other.  If the group owner has a specific purpose, she needs to clarify that.  Until such a time, it's open to individual interpretation.
Yes, read my post again. I was supplying, which I feel is obvious, personal interpretation. If it was Feminism Atheism, I would interpret it as Bruce stated.
Do you understand the difference in the grammar?

But, as I've seen - trying to convince a theist that god isn't real isn't worth my time or anyone's, so I will try to treat anti-feminists here similarly. Honestly I find Christians less distasteful than misogynists.

Anyway, I'll do my best to ignore such individuals, even if it would be ideal if group were better moderated.
  • Yes, read my post again. I was supplying, which I feel is obvious, personal interpretation.

Yup, I got that.  I was just adding my two cents, which happened to mostly be ambivalence.


  • Honestly I find Christians less distasteful than misogynists.

You're making the theist/atheist/anti-theist definitional  error, when you say that.  Someone who isn't a feminist isn't therefore a misogynist.




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