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I'd worship that.

You forgot your meds again, didn't you Carl?!?  Now, now!!!  Let's take our thalidomide like a GOOD little boy! [smirk!]

This is what they turn into when Jesus and God come back here in that space ship. It's time for "beam me up, Scotty" and what they were saving us for was lunch.

Now I understand why all the bodies where meant to disappear during the Rapture.. it was a typo.


See . . . dinosaurs and humans did co-exist, and in the same body! And you've supplied a photo' to PROVE it, James.

Holy crap!  And here I thought that Jeebus was a Marsupial.  I learn something new every day. 

He is...

image shamelessly stolen and defaced from (


Praise be to Jesus!
Praise be to Woody Allen Jesus!

Actually, they do look like that James. They come back here wanting to do good for us, but the real purpose was that they wanted our water.

Oh! That was a 70's movie from before the time that Robert became Freddie. I saw it on the t "V."

I think that was the 80s. And, Freddie was actually helping the humans in V.

I think this is a trap. Its those lizard things from Land of The Lost!




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