Hey all,


The rapture 2.0 is now only 11 days away. Anyone got last minute cold feet? time to repent now if you do.


Seriously though the nuts out there have completely disregarded their May 21 claims and are now focusing on October 21.


The paper bag head guy is spruiking this again at http://judgementday2011.com/ (watch video.. worth the price of admission)


Look down further however and he claims Steve Jobs got taken to heaven ahead of the rapture because he was rich. This is despite being a renounced catholic who was budhist and worse of all... and this is a direct quote

"Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are two of the men who have brought the world closer to what many believe will be the mark of the devil in the form of implanted digital chips, but Jesus appears to have taken Jobs from us to make sure he gets first dibs on housing in Heaven."


Implanted digital chips? I thought it was just a sim card


At least i'll get to use the greatest rapture line I missed out on last time


(basically "Cheer up, its not the end of the world)





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This rapture will be the same as all the previous ones--a big non-event.    That won't stop the whackadoodles from predicting more, nor will it stop followers from falling for it.  There's a sucker Born Again every minute.
I agree with Tara. Just another goofball predicting the end. The only rapture I have ever experienced is when I kissed my first girlfriend.
don't make me scan the pages of disasters through out recorded/modern-ish history in the encyclopedia americana...

there are not encyclopedias in churches nor mosques

I am SO nervous!

I don't know what to wear!




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