After finding many references coming from Rapture Ready (RR) site on the Fundies say the darnedest things (FSTDT) site I have been interested enough to go and have a look at what these hard core fundamentalist are saying.

It confused and disturbed me quite a lot that there was this degree of fanaticism. After reading quite a few of the discussions I started thinking that these people are looking forward to "The Rapture" their physical ascension into heaven, sort of the same way a child looks forward to Christmas or a birthday party. There is a total focus on how much better things will be for them when this wonderful thing happens.

They will be taken away from the gays, the blacks, the jews and the liberal left voters and ascend into a right wing protestant fundie heaven where everything will be exactly as they want it to be.

I also get the feeling though it is not as openly stated that many of them are looking for "the Rapture" as a way of cheating death, it is never openly said but there is something that says "I hope Jesus comes and takes me to heaven before I have to put up with anything nasty or painful" as death and dying often is.

I am just curious what others may think and if any others have had a look at this site.

cheers doug

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