Hooray! All the loonies will be gone!

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Likely we're stuck with the whole lot anyway, Nerd.  I mean, wadaya gonna do?
I gave my son the choice between a backpack trip & going to the rapture party in Oakland. He chose backpacking.  At first, I was disappointed and was going to point out that there are lots of good opportunities to go backpacking, but the rapture only happens once. Then I realized, that there will be plenty of rapture parties in the future, too. Probably even Harold Camping-predicted raptures.  They'll never learn.
Well, we can look around at all those folks who didn't make it and know they just weren't quite good enough to make the cut.
You'd think that at least one of those people in the picture might have gotten sucked up into heaven from the shower or toilet, wouldn't you?  Does god automatically dress you in suits, dresses, or preppy clothes?
From all those "Left Behind" videos that I've seen, thus far, heaps of clothing remain on each spot where someone was raptured. If the above picture was accurate, everybody flying upward would be naked.
this kind of stuff illustrates why the Unites States is the laughing stock of the world.
yes it does indeed. I want to hide under a rock sometimes.

Lets see, does anyone know if half the world population has disappeared yet? Across the International Date Line it is now May 21st. Of course many on that side of the world are not christian so I guess if they have disappeared they must be in hell.

It doesn't happen til 6pm.  I guess the earthquake starts at the date line and moves in jumps, one time zone at a time.

 I guess Nukualofa, Tonga only has 8 hours to go.

I'm SO listening to Family Radio on Sunday. I wonder if there'll even be a broadcast, or will whoever runs it be too embarrassed/shocked to come on air?

Well, I was doing some reading about them, and about 80 percent of the folks who work there don't believe in that.






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