Hooray! All the loonies will be gone!

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 "why on earth would he base the rapture on American Central Time?"

Duh! don't you realize that Gawd and Jeebus are Americans - from Iowa IIRC

Well, in some of the debate groups that I belong to, I asked that Christians in those groups to give me their checking and saving account numbers and pass words so I can transfer all their funds into my account.

So, far no one has responded.  Pity, I can use all that extra money right now. lol


Mr. D

I have started a financial group called Rapture Asset Security Protection (RASP) whereby those lucky faithful being sucked up to Jeebus on the day of Judgment can assign all their now unneeded possessions to RASP where it will be used to care for those wretches left behind, and of course, for those expenses accrued by RASP in the pursuit of their humanitarian mission.

Please hurry - less than 8 hours to take advantage of this offer.

and another thing....did anybody hear a trumpet blow???  I was drunk last night so I might have missed it!! LOL!!!


No, no trumpets, I would guess that Jeebus is a no show again.


Are we still here? Are we really still here? I mean, really, are we still here? It has now been around 733, 964 days since Jesus said that the end was coming right away, and about 699, 725 days since John of Patmos said that the end was coming right away, and here we are. Still here. Really.
My daughter had this as my wallpaper when I opened up my computer this morning....so funny...and now it's 11:15 pm and, either I wasn't hanging around the 'right' people, or no holy hoovering took place in my neck of the woods.  {I was at a nice restaurant at 6pm so I was prepared to try other menu items from the 'dearly departed' if they got raptured away.}

Let the backpedaling begin! I recently saw this post on YouTube:


An unrepentant Harold Camping took to the airwaves Monday night reasserting his beliefs in the end of the world and gave yet another prediction for the end of the world. The calculations for Jesus' second coming were apparently wrong, but those for the world's end are correct. "It won't be five months of terrible difficulty," said Camping. "Instead, the world will end quickly on Oct. 21."


Anyone want to forecast what Camping will say when Oct. 21 rolls around and nothing happens?

How did that old saying go??  Oh yeah, I remember;  Fool my once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.  I don't know about a third time except a fool and his money are soon parted.


Mr. D


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