What is your opinion about /r/atheism? Do you think it is good website or bad? If so, why?

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Yeah, I read Blaghag and Jen has gotten some unecessary grief over at reddit

It seems like the problem stems from her holding r/atheism to a higher standard than other places on the Internet, or reddit. It's still the Internet, unfortunately you'll always get more comments about your gender if you're female. However, she even states herself that those comments are downvoted, so the majority on r/atheism obviously empathizes with her, which makes me feel that most of her criticism isn't really fair.

1. A lot of smart people over there.

2. A lot of immature people over there.


That about sums it up for me.

Yup,a lot of trolls as well.
I guess it depends on how you look at it. For me Its nice to be able to have a place to talk to like minded people. Even if some are immature. Not everyone will fit some perfect atheist mold. And thanks to a random comment on an r/atheism post I found this site. :-)


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