So I've just started my cats on a semi-raw diet. I.e.; raw on the days I can, really good quality canned when I can't. (I don't always have access to electricity and when I do I still have no freezer and barely a fridge).

I'm searching for ideas on raw feeding that don't require freezing or lots of storage. Another site pointed me to a company that does freeze-dried. So far my raw-when-I-can consists of getting 3 or 4 days worth of whatever in the meat department (chicken wings, gizzards, ribs, etc). The hard part is getting this stuff in such small quantities.

Anyone else do raw? Anyone other tips? For the veggie supplements I usually have some broccoli on hand to mince up for them. Plus they're indoor/outdoor and seem to find the right plants to eat quite well on their own.

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I do a combination of canned and dry. Canned = Friskies. I've heard good things about that brand. Dry = Purina Naturals or Iams, whatever their version of the healthy/natural stuff is.

There does exist canned food that is comparable to raw, but can't get it in my small town and it's kind of expensive. But I use it when I can get it.
What canned food is comparable to raw?
Don't remember the brand name off the top of my head, but I can get it at the health food store in Flagstaff (New Frontiers).




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