Soo hello water cooler, in 3 hours I'm moving back to college  lol.

So how many of my wonderful friends here at AN are headed to college, what are you studing.

For those who must "move" to college, feel free to share your stories and woes of moving...

I know my personal woe, is i get so excited to leave home I can't sleep... case and point lol.

Sorry I'm a bit rantish, and hyped up... lol. Its the dead hour of the nite and i'm very very alive.

Also while we are at it share college students related and unrelated to your atheisim if you have them.

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I'm already here since I had summer courses. I'm studying forensic psychology, working on my doctorate (psy.D).

I moved from central Texas to southern California last year to start my graduate school. Means driving in August through Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and then into California. And my car's a/c had gone out long before then. >.X I can't afford the estimated $700-900 to fix it. I was also transporting two small birds with me. So I had to drive through 100+ degree heat and worry constantly about heat stroke and dehydration in all of us.

Share my college students?
I am currently going to community college. My last year there. Once I am done I transfer to a University and study film.




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