Yes, despite the fact that Christopher Hitchens is dead, and Richard Dawkins is in England, Ray Comfort, that font of all Christian Compassion (tm) blames the "British Redcoats for invading our nation and stealing the hearts of our children" and turning our nation into one that does not fear God.

Thus the killings in Newtown, Conn.

Ray Comfort has a Web programme called "The Box" in which he deals with events of the day through the bottleneck of his Biblical interpretations.

His video on YouTube has a huge number of uprates and positive commentary, because the religious don't think about what they are asked to believe.

He fails to mention of course, the first school shooting in what is now the USA was July 26, 1764, and there have been multiple shootings per decade ever since.

List of School Shootings in USA (Wikiepedia)

As odious as this video is, you should watch all of it, to see what a snake-in-the-garden (it's not atheists) he really is. If anyone is leading the Faithful astray, it is these false prophets of doom, not atheists.

At 3:18 of the video found here on YouTube, he says:

Something radically wrong is happening to our nation and I think the Bible puts its finger on it very clearly.  As a nation we've lost the fear of God.  And America in 1950 was called a God-fearing nation.  But nowadays, if you talk about the fear of God, you're a fundamentalist Bible-bashing, narrow minded bigot full of hate speech, [yes Ray, you are - James] but the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, that's all it is, the beginning of wisdom.  And someone who fears God looks upon God for their moral guidance.  They don't go out and commit adultery, they don't lie, they don't steal, and they definitely don't go around killing people. When we interviewed those 15 people in "Genius," the whole 15 of them had no fear of God before their eyes.  And what's happened is that we've had British redcoats invading our nation and shoot our youth through the heart.

Men like Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens, who now went to meet his maker, have come in with their smooth English accents, have convinced millions of young people that they're nothing but primates. There's no ultimate right.  There's no ultimate wrong.  And when that happens to a nation, when they make them into God haters, something dies within a nation and that's what's happened in America.  When a man can go to an elementary school and shoot people, including children, to death and then shoot himself, he doesn't fear God in the slightest.

He and his co-host then go on a British-bashing spree, accusing the British of all sorts of affronts to our "religious nation."

This video needs hundreds (or thousands) of negative votes and commentary on the sad state of these two men's compassion. We don't need the British; it's these kind of folk that make the best atheists, and their claims of no Bibles in schools (not true) would make any difference and would only work if the Bibles' covers were Kevlar. - James.

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What astonishes and disgusts me is that this same harangue, though with varying targets, is repeated by one member or another of the Religious Reich every time something like this happens, whether in Aurora, Colorado, Tucson, Arizona or Newtown, Connecticut.  And I can't help but notice that the speakers are willing to point anywhere but at themselves.  They're righteous, the rest of the world is in sin.  They have the love of god behind them, all others are heathens.

Didn't their holy book say something about taking the log from your own eye before dealing with the speck in your neighbor's?

Exactly booklover - why fear a loving god? good question.

The kid in Conn. was unstable.  The rest of the entire sane world could have been Christians and that fact would not have changed.  His mother knew there was something wrong with him, but instead of dealing with it professionally (which she clearly could have afforded to do), she increased the size of her gun collection and regularly took the boy out to hone his shooting skills.  This kid had serious issues that she refused to deal with, and it got her killed along side 6 other innocent adults, 20 innocent children, and a deranged teenager.  This had nothing to do with gods, and everything to do with human selfish stupidity.

Even though mom was also shot and killed, she was part of the course of events.  So I guess we should make a rule, if your on is odd and vegan and semi autistic you shouldn't teach him to shoot, and collect guns in the house and espouse survivalist ideas.  We cant say any of those led to this tragedy, but it's hard to escape that it did.  

Or, we should think about our gun culture in the same way we think about drunk driving, and quit making gun use an American sacrament.

It's interesting to look at major media websites.  Yesterday I looked at about a half dozen, and while they mentioned mom and dad getting divorced, and the alimony, and the kid maybe being autistic, the sites that discussed the survivalist stuff were more on the looney tunes side, like British tabloids.  Maybe that's changed, or was "selection bias" on my part.

Making the most lethal guns less prevalent would not take away self defense or hunting privileges.

There was also the kid last week at Portland suburb mall.  Overshadowed by the larger and more heartbreaking death toll in Connecticut.  Looks like it was another odd kid who did it.

Let's make odd kids illegal.  Wait.  That would have been me as a high schooler.  Lets not say that.

When a man can go to an elementary school and shoot people, including children, to death and then shoot himself, he doesn't fear God in the slightest.

Do we even know the religion of the shooter? He could be an active participant in some religion or other.

Fear-based "morality", yup, that'll stop mass murder every time. Wait, didn't fear and awe of Allah justifiy 9-11?

And WHAT was on those belt buckles of Hitler's troops?

Oh, yeah - Gott Mitt Uns.  Some real god-fearing folks there, weren't they?

Good old Hitch! Apparently he can still influence the world from the after-life :-)

Why does America breed so many lunatics such as the guys who make these videos? If I was American,I would be indulging in some navel-gazing.

I started to say, "What about Bertrand Russell?  He wasn't British!"  Then I realized he was.  Turns out the guy is right.  Godless godhating godhaters tend to be limeys.  Let's start using inflammatory names for them, like limeys.  Because name calling always means that we are on the right side.  ;)

And the press keeps speculating on putative mental illnesses and interviewing each other and ascribing diagnoses (Asperger's, schizophrenia, bipolar) and yet the mentally ill are eleven times more likely to be victims of violence, and approximately one-quarter are every year.

It is the putative normals that are the problem. The mentally ill need guns, not them. The press speculation with no evidence is nothing more than stigmatising the mentally ill.

Agreed James. They are just guessing at the cause. You are right.

It's all about money guys. The more outrageous the religious statement, the more audience he commands. The more audience he commands, the more donations he receives. Do you honestly think for one minute that Ray Comfort--or any of the other idiots like him--actually believes what he spews?


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