Ray Comfort says he can make you "pro-life" in less than a minute

The man who brought us "Banana: the Atheists Worst Nightmare" has announced the release of a new film, 180, which he claims contains an argument that can instantly change people from "pro-choice" to "pro-life" and which made "a blasphemous and hate-filled atheist change his mind on camera".


More here.


Ray Comfort and his amazing banana


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Those people are worse actors than Kirk Cameron.

Seriously?  Who could be worse than that?  Haven't you seen Goonies?

I've had this argument elsewhere on this forum before and I am sure people will not stop and listen to my arguments before jumping up and down about it.


Pro-life and Pro choice are not mutually exclusive. I say that every child deserves the oppurtunity to live their life and that abortion is always the worst solution. I wouldnt however seek to legislate to take away a womans right to make that decision herself.


I'd hope that eventually society will evolve far enough that a woman with an unplanned pregnancy is able to get enough support to carry the child to term and either support her in raising it or for her to give the child to others to raise.


Even in the worst possible situations where the child is the product of rape or incenst I say that this is not the childs fault and why should they be the ones to pay with their life?


Of course the best solution is for unplanned pregnancies to be avoided altogether. Education and cheap reliable contraception are needed and needed everywhere.


Therefore I say that everyone should be pro life, but realistic enough to understand that at this stage choice is needed because society will not  give the support needed



I am pro-choice and for the death penalty, I must be a confused  person ..
Confusion is good.  Makes ya think.  I'm not confused about these two topics, but I am about many others.
I can make him sound like he's talking after inhaling helium too
after he's done trying to kick my brain in the nuts

lame. he's got some real deal black mail on the 80's star kricket camron no?
that man is a criminal
Yeah but has he and his kind seen 'The Ledge' ! movie 2011; daaaang tight
Let's face it, Ray Comfort can do nothing in less than a  minute... And I mean NOTHING!


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