Ray Comfort says he can make you "pro-life" in less than a minute

The man who brought us "Banana: the Atheists Worst Nightmare" has announced the release of a new film, 180, which he claims contains an argument that can instantly change people from "pro-choice" to "pro-life" and which made "a blasphemous and hate-filled atheist change his mind on camera".


More here.


Ray Comfort and his amazing banana


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Not so sure.  I'm sure most thinking fetuses would cry out for abortion rather than be birthed into this world, and my mother was quite proud of making the decision to abort one of her fetuses.  Of course, pro-lifers murdered Cameron Todd Willingham, but pro-lifers only care about people until they're born.
He must be insane -- just look at his picture there!
I haven't seen the banana video.  Do you have a link Richard?
Thanks -- I'm going to watch it now.
Yeah, I would have to agree with that comment about alphabet soup.  That was just bad.
Fortunately, I know how to defend myself against men attacking with bananas.

Well, for those who do not know how to defend against bananas, watch

the following (monty python) instruction video:

Self defence against bananas

Thanks - that was a funny video Squirrel.
Nicely done squirrel!  Love the raspberries!

Why do prolifers not address who will help a child once they are born?  Food, shelter,money that is needed to raise a chlid, they dont give a Damn about the child after they are born. To me Christianity is hate filled not atheism.

Well, pro-life people should be referred to as pro-birth.  Most could give a shit about life once it's born.

 To whom does Ray proselytize on a daily basis? Who are the ones that fill the churches and sing their praises to Jesus? Who tunes in to his TV show and videos? And most importantly, who sends him money to keep his ministry going? Fetuses can't do any of that. It's adults who send him their tithes and offerings and keep him in business, not a bunch of unborn babies. I don't think he really gives a flying fart about embryos, since they can't send him money. He just pretends to care about them because that is another way of appealing to emotional idiots so that they will continue their contributions.


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