This website will tell you all about it and how to implement it, but here is a concise description:

RBE - moneyless; meaning without money, trade, or barter; economy where people would volunteer their work to provide everything people -everyone world wide- need that would support a life better than what the current middle class of America can provide.

What do all of you think about the RBE? Is there a future for RBE?

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AT, I searched on ‘cooperative communities’ and found which lists many intentional communities in America. I didn’t see RBE among the 28 such communities in Florida, where I once lived.

I could be wrong, but maybe calling RBE a cooperative community is off base. It hasn't been tried anywhere in the world yet. All you have found is ways to cope with scarce money. RBE is eliminating money altogether.

I'll have to learn more about it, but the premise of a free, thriving, cooperative society that's evolved beyond a money economy is certainly attractive!

I wish more people would have a positive reaction to the news of RBE. I have experienced many reactions the resemble an "extreme incredulous feeling" that living without money will never work due to the rampant greed we currently experience. They cannot see that greed would dissipate with the abundance they would experience. The greed would change to thankfullness.




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