Why isn’t Trump gone yet? Because he occupies the meeting point of ...

History professor J.M. Opal proposes that Trump's power base is broad, "… a Venn diagram whose circles cover a huge swath of the American political landscape."

These groups—the tycoons, the white nationalists, and the evangelicals—all yearn for a harsh world in which they have someone to kick around.

Individually, these groups cannot win elections. They put up also-ran or second-tier candidates like Mitt Romney (business), David Duke (white nationalist) or Mike Huckabee (evangelical). George W. Bush briefly unified the first and third categories…

It was Trump, the “blue-collar billionaire” who couldn’t bear the sight of Barack Obama in the White House, who united these forces of the right in 2016.

image sources: tycoons, white nationalist, evangelical (text from article)

A semi-coherent hollow-man for whom government is entertainment is the perfect screen upon which such constituents can project their bestial hungers.

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I think that explains a lot of things, Ruth. Still we have that basic Trump supporter and his tired way of explaining things. Just today in another forum a man posted how he and his entire town suffered for 8 years under Obama. I simply replied that if this was true it meant he and the town are all racist. His quick answer came claiming Hillary is white, so none of them are racist. It ended when I posted that I'm having a lot of trouble understanding his answer. I told him that he had changed the subject.

Almost any answers I get out of the Trump Cult are similar to the above. As you point out, of course, it can go much deeper than that.




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