I find it hard to respect people who haven't read the bible and still believe it. and yet it's even harder for me to understand people who have read it and still think it's a good book with codes for morality and good values.


All of us know christians and other religious people who haven't actually read the bible and they've just sat their lazy ass's in church their whole lives taking in all the lovely bull crap the preacher spew's out to them. It's so hard for me to understand these people. And yet if i happen to tell them a verse they've never heard their preacher say that sounds even a little adverse to what they think the bible is all about - they quickly dismiss the idea so it doesn't conflict with their skewed notions and beliefs.


However, we also know the people who "claim" to have read the whole bible and still think we can learn morals from it. And strangely the people I've met that say they've read the whole thing don't seem to know (or sometimes believe) that those particular verses are in the bible at all.


The more I think on things like this the more it seems incredibly ludicrous and INSANE that people could actually believe such SHIT! It just don't seem possible sometimes when you think about it logically that anyone would believe anything like this.


So confused...

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The people I know who have read the bible and still believe it have been carefully coached by "bible study" classes which interpret things to their liking in order to coordinate all the verses that don't add up.
I read the bible 1 or 2 years ago over the summer, and ironically it's what made me seriously think about  religion and become an athiest.
Oh, christians are master cherry-pickers. They emphasize the stuff they like, ignore the stuff they don't, and anything that blatantly contradicts reality they claim is allegory or metaphor, and not meant to be taken literally (except the fundamentalists, of course, who do interperet the bible literally). If there was an Olympic event for mental gymnastics, the religious would take home the gold every time.




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