My parents gave me a Bible for Xmas (might be a good sign to come out to them?).

Anyhow, its one of these "Read the bible in 90 days" pieces, and I decided it might be fun to see what all the fuss is about. So, I've started to dig in.

I've gotten to the beginning of Leviticus. I've been amazed by both the contradictions and the incredible BOREDOM. Exodus is the biggest snoozefest ever after the plagues. I completely understand why most Christians have only a cursory understanding of the Bible: its the lamest read imaginable.

I was just curious if there are any other folks who have actually read significant portions of the "Good" Book, and what your thoughts were on the experience.

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I cannot read whole passages at all, it's the overall style that bores me to death like no other. Of course, Leviticus is boring because Leviticus is mostly about rules and such ;) Why does it have to be written in verse?!

While I haven't personally read the Bible in a close-up study, I generally know what each book is about and if you need more precise information is a good site to use. But yes, the Bible is one of the most overrated pieces of boredom in the world!
Yes it is...Imagine having to go to church for YEARS and having to suffer through hearing bits from it over and over and over,Sunday after Sunday after Sunday...Watching paint dry is more interesting,I tell you!
I don't want to catch the memeticly transmitted mind disease contained therein. I need my brain to function fully and correctly. I don't think that I have any special immunity to this mind disease. It takes 7 in 10 people*, destroying their brain leaving them to live a half life of confused delusion.

*figures made up on the spot for fun.

It could be good for a giggle though. I expect a daily report of the funniest bits.
I'll try to post something each day, but again, the boredom overwhelms. its not unusual for the ol' B-I-B-L-E to take backseat to things that are actually enjoyable to read. on that note, i'm actually looking forward to psalms. or at least a good sword-fight or something.

for today though, there's this: I'm not sure, but its probable that the Ten Commandments of PopReligCulture are not actually (sic) the ones handed down to moses on mt sinai. Exodus 20 is the traditional 10Cs, and they follow the introduction, "And God spoke these words: .... You shall have no other gods....." Exodus 20:1-3. however, in the next chapter, god says to moses (with not a little more authority in his voice, i suppose), "These are the laws you are to set before them:" and goes on to list another 10 rules, these concerning the proper way to trade slaves and how to be compensated for injury caused by other folks in the tribe and what to do should your donkey fall into a pit dug by someone else. Actually, I recommend reading Exodus 21, just to get a chuckle out of the alternate reality that would exist if those were the 10Cs fundies were trying to keep posted in courthouses, etc.

as to the special immunity: it does require particular care, at least. i'm sure to take the bible with a glass of water and on a full stomach, and at least 45mg of bertrand-russell/sam-harris/etc-and-so-on.
God's rules: or your gonna have a bad time, mmmm-kay.

Wikisource has a free online bible so we all sing along with Yahweh.
oh don't forget I just found it recently (rev. hellbound allee posted it in her blog). It's the bible told through LEGOS!
I do believe keep your friends close, but your enemies closer works well here though. The only way to actually convince and trumph Christians in an argument is to use their scripture against them, would they admit there is an error, sometimes they don't even do that...

No, there's no contradiction between OT god and NT god! :D
i think in my case its "keep your friends close, but your parents closer." pretty much the same as yours though....
In my personal experience you cannot argue with say, a Christian with atheist arguments (evolution is TRUE) but must point in errors written in the Bible to make them understand (but there are more than three human races in the world!).
I haven't read the entire bible, but I have read Genesis and Revelations completely and large chunks of other books. I think it is a really great idea for non-theist to read not just the bible but other holy books like the quran. It helps us get a better understanding of how they think so that we can be better prepared in a debate. I also love being able to use the contradictions in the bible in a debate, that really makes them mad.
i think more THEISTS should read their respective holy books. and think critically about what the book says. the scales would fall from their eyes.

but then, critical thinking isn't generally a strong suit of the fundie.




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