My parents gave me a Bible for Xmas (might be a good sign to come out to them?).

Anyhow, its one of these "Read the bible in 90 days" pieces, and I decided it might be fun to see what all the fuss is about. So, I've started to dig in.

I've gotten to the beginning of Leviticus. I've been amazed by both the contradictions and the incredible BOREDOM. Exodus is the biggest snoozefest ever after the plagues. I completely understand why most Christians have only a cursory understanding of the Bible: its the lamest read imaginable.

I was just curious if there are any other folks who have actually read significant portions of the "Good" Book, and what your thoughts were on the experience.

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I appreciate your post. While reading the many comments here, I'm struck at the differing opinions.
Reading the bible for myself, without any guide or preacher reading along interpreting for me; that was my awakening. Having been reared on the "good book", I decided to just read it by myself and geeze was I disgusted. That is what opened my eyes to the whole bull shit that is religion. For when you read this book, truly read it for yourself, then there is no denying this petty angry god was a tyrant and his instructions cruel. I also had a two volume set of Hebrew and Greek translations to help if I was unclear.
There are many beautiful passages, and it's a work that has it's place in literature. I think of The Song of Solomon in all it's passion and sexual tension. Speaking of lovers of differing races and their desires for one another, it's a beautiful read.
The despicable slaughtering of entire cities by the Israelites and the atrocities committed by their god's command... truly disgusting.
There is much to revile, and much to ponder.
In reading, it's clear this is NOT something I could ever use as a guidebook for life. This is human made mythology used to excuse xenophobia and repress the populace.
I still read the bible from time to time. Just to keep it fresh because when I am lambasted by a fundie the only thing they will accept as authority is their book, so it's befuddling to them when I quote it back to them!
Thanks again for your post.
Hi Hank! I not only have read the Bible extensively, I REWROTE it!! Really! Go to and you can read excerpts from The Bible (According to Jack) Part I The Old Testament. My Bible is FUNNY and much better than the original which, as you have noted, is not necessarily saying much, but still! For ten dollars plus postage you can have your very own copy (autographed at NO EXTRA CHARGE!) or for even less you can download it on kindle from Amazon. FYI, actually reading the Bible is a "protestant" phenomenon. Catholics focus on their much shorter creed(s) (Nicene and Apostle's) which most Catholics find too difficult to recite, much less understand. If you want an entertaining read, switch to my Bible. My "god" is much, much nicer than the real Bible's god, and has a much better sense of humor, although the ten plagues are pretty tough to beat in the practical joke department. Don't give up on Leviticua, BTW. The chapter on sex and the punishments for doing it are hysterical, assuming your gonads are not personally involved. Kindest regards.
"The chapter on sex and the punishments for doing it are hysterical, assuming your gonads are not personally involved."

That line alone will get me to start again on Leviticus.
I liked the pictures in the Gita best.
I decided to read the Bible about 30 years ago but I never got past all the begats. Couldn't face the boredom. Pity really but the pain was too great.
Amazing how it was all men doing the begatting, too.
I was very serious about my faith when I was in it. Hence I have read the whole Bible several times. At least 6 or 7 times deliberately from cover to cover and dozens more times in a less linear program.
Since getting the internet I have been able to access all the information I need to research the begining of religion, especially judeo/Chrristianity. It is quite obvious that it began with Egyptology and the Babylonian myths. It all started to make sense. I decided to buy a bible to read the rest of the Old Testament to see what all the bullshit is all about. I got the NIV Study Bible because I know it had a lot of comments and references. Many comments pointed to mistranslations in the bible and so many contradictions. I now know why the Roman Catholic Church steers clear of the OT: all the genocidal slaughter inflicted by the Hebrews on their alleged enemies on the orders of "The Lord their God". I got so sick of that I had the greatest pleasure in tearing up that bible. The bible should be classified as Fiction/Horror, not suitable for anyone under 18.
I tried to once - I got a migraine! Seriously - I couldn't read it. There is so much that is completely ignored by "Christians" you need a summary version to just get to the parts people are paying any attention to. One day I might look at it again - I'd have to borrow someones - there isn't one in my household.
I agree IMAOZI. As soon as a finished School the first thing I did was to tear up the New Testament. Roman Catholics never do the Old Testament and we never had a bible in our house. Devout as she was my mother did not seem to want one.

I certainly would never want to read one again. I got that NIV Bible to read the Old Testament to see what references there were to Egypt and to find out what people were talking about. I had no intention of keeping it after I got want I wanted. I did fully intend tearing it up.
That is an unfair stereotype. Some of them were goatherders. Just make sure never to boil a kid in its mother's milk.
I read a lot of the Bible during my "wrestling with faith years" from about the time I was 12 until I graduated from college. I've read pretty much the whole thing, although in bits and pieces and not in any sort of logical order (to do that would be murder). When I first started I thought reading more of the Bible would help me overcome my doubts, but all I found was the more and more I learned the more and more I realized how full of baloney the whole thing was. I don't know how anyone can read the Bible in significant amount and not come to the conclusion that it is all a load of bunk. If it weren't for the incredible amount of pressure on me from friends and family about the whole Christianity thing, I never would have even tried to struggle with it for as long as I did. The only good thing to come out of the experience is that I now know way more about the book than the Xians who occasionally try to bring me "back into the fold." It's amazing how ignorant Christians are of their own holy scriptures, not to mention their history and theology.



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