My parents gave me a Bible for Xmas (might be a good sign to come out to them?).

Anyhow, its one of these "Read the bible in 90 days" pieces, and I decided it might be fun to see what all the fuss is about. So, I've started to dig in.

I've gotten to the beginning of Leviticus. I've been amazed by both the contradictions and the incredible BOREDOM. Exodus is the biggest snoozefest ever after the plagues. I completely understand why most Christians have only a cursory understanding of the Bible: its the lamest read imaginable.

I was just curious if there are any other folks who have actually read significant portions of the "Good" Book, and what your thoughts were on the experience.

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I read the bible cover to cover one summer because I'm a masochist -- actually it was to improve my faith by familiarizing myself with the word of god -- obviously it had the opposite effect.

I've also read over the Koran, the Hadith, the Book of Mormon, Buddhist Canon, some Hindu Canon, what books lend insight to Wicca. It's all nonsense and double speak with contradictions, hypocrisy, and impossible commandments just to make sure you keep begging for forgiveness or offering something of yourself in repentance.

I would never take back the time I spent reading all those because whenever someone comes to talk to me about why their faith is so righteous and good I can tell them exactly why they are wrong.
I read the bible a good 30 years ago. I was just an infant and as such, took it on myself to indulge into a frenzy reading and ended up with the seed of doubt embedded in my brain. I guess my parents started to regret that I read the thing in the first place.

But anyway, at first they took it as a good sign that I was reading the book, which told me that they didn't knew what it was writen in it in the first place. That's not strange, it seems that most of the religious people do not know whats it all about. Some think I guess that since it was writen by god, it should not pose any hazard to myself. alas...

Yeah, I read the whole thing. took me about 6 months. 6 months! the same time given for a vulgar felony. It's nice to be free tho...



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