Cuttimg funds to the sick is a really bad idea. Unbelievable how Obama has sold out to the Wacko republicans and is cutting Medicaid funds

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Thanks Goerge
Sick people produce little or no $$$ for the plutocrats so they're expendable.

It really is strange how the largest, most influential voting block votes against itself.  This is also the block with the most free time to read up on and learn about the candidates and them issues.  Let's see....


"I worked all of my productive years and paid into medicare and social security"

"Medicare is a gov't program so it is bad"

"I need medicines and health care to be comfortable and live a reasonably healthy life"

"I'm against socialized medicine"

"I want that new expensive drug that is advertised but I don't want to pay for it"

"I'm voting against any candidate that supports my health and comfort"

"That Rick Perry.  He has great hair!  And he prays!  Think how bad the Texas drought would be if they didn't have a christian governor"

The youth vote is essential to the Democratic Party and I hope Obama's campaign team for 2012 are keeping at least some of their attention on the millennial generation and their potential impact against the elderly conservative voting block. 

There was an interesting segment last night on the PBS NewsHour about a new book coming out highlighting this important segment of the population/electorate in America today:


"The turnout amongst this generation was tremendous. There were as many of millennials voting in 2008 as there were senior citizens. And that was before so many more of them turned 18."

I thought the elderly vote wasn't a guarantee for the GOP, for this very reason. There are some elderly liberal people who may be in the minority, but also there are old people whose deciding factor in voting is benefits even if they're socially conservative.
All I know is, when I'm at the voting booth, I'm usually the youngster in the room at 48....I hope it's because the youth vote shows up at a later time....I get discouraged by the lack of diversity in ages (and race) at our polling place.  It's just a tiny snapshot of reality, I know, and I'm encouraged by news that young people aren't as cynical and apathetic as I thought they were!  Generation gap stereotyping rears its ugly head sometimes...."Kids today....."
Me, too, unless I am with dh who is slightly younger than I am and we're in our 40s.  I started voting at 18 though. 
I started voting at 18 as well and now I'm 40.
I really think that the apathy of the youth vote was largely responsible for at least the 2nd Bush term.  I wold love to be proven wrong.


Looks like you can't blame them for Bush according to Pew.

there is hope for the future after all?




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