I put this in science, but it's also kind of political.

For the past 4 months or so an anonymous Twitter account (Real_PeerReview) featured links actual papers in the social "sciences". The postings consisted of links to actual papers along with some highlighting which pointed out the scientifically meaningless 'tests', as well as 'other ways of knowing' which included 'asking friends' or 'thinking about things'.

The things in common were 1) the papers were all advocating some vague aspect of current SJW (social justice warrior) groupthink, and 2) they were actually peer reviews by social science crowd.

The account has now been closed because of harassment, hacking, threats, including threats of identity exposure, which is enough to cost one a job in academia these days.

[One may remember Sokal's satircal take down of post modernism some years ago. The world has gotten crazier since then, because the nutjobs actually have clout now)

Here is a link to an archive. See for yourself:


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