is fascinating. It shows every commercial plane in flight around the world, and  international airports. You can examine countries up close or jump to particular continents. I had no idea so few flights were crossing the oceans. Many places looked quite isolated from commercial flights. I assume small planes aren't included. Don't know about small commuter planes, but there are so few planes showing I assume they're not included.

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That is very cool!

This is amazing!  Thanks so much for sharing, Ruth.

Can't even see my country for the planes!

Don't look at the picture here, use the link. You can put in your country (look at the upper right for the place), and/or use the buttons to zoom all the way down to see interstate routes and cities. You can select a given airplane and it will tell you the airspeed and altitude of that flight in real time, along the left. If someone is on a flight to visit you, you can follow their flight as if you were an air traffic controller.

How awesome! I will check out that link - didn't see it before.

Thanks for the explanation Ruth! I found the planes about to land on Rotterdam Airport on the map and within minutes I see them from my window!



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