Who else is going? I'm hoping I can meet some of you wonderful folks there.



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Tim Minchin at the 2012 Reason Rally - Oh, if I only had a time machine

The 2012 Reason Rally attracted approximately 30,000 people....in March....in the rain! I read somewhere that they are expecting 60,000 in 2016. I am looking forward to showing this country just how major our "minority" really is.

Nutz to 60,000 – I want to see SIX DIGITS!!!

I would love to go but have neither the money or the time off work. My job is such that if I cannot do it daily they will find someone else who can.

I came down from Toronto by myself, which felt a bit weird - but I was glad I went. When crossing the border they asked me what was the reason for my visit and I said just sight seeing and went through the line quickly. On the day of the event I wore a shirt saying something about being a Canadian and supporting the Reason Rally and some fellow countrymen approached me. One person came down with his son from Canada and told me he drove and when asked at the border what was the reason for his visit and when he said the Reason Rally his car was pulled over and torn apart looking for contraband or something.

The Reason Rally generated such fear at the Canadian border? Sad testimony to our times. We have to reveal ourselves as being a reason-loving community. 

Have fun, Carolyn. Sorry I can't join you.

I went to the first one and I'll be going to 2016 as well. Hopefully the weather will be a little more cooperative this time.

Carolyn, I went to the 2012 Reason Rally. It was rather disappointing, actually. The bus ride to and from--at night--was miserable. The walk to and from the train/bus station was long. And yes, the weather was awful. Also, I was too taken by the speakers. Maybe it was because I was shaking from the cold and rain. I don't plan on returning, but still, glad I supported the first one.

This is so sad I don't live in the US

We appreciate the thought, tovarich!

Woohoo! Lawrence Krauss will be at the Reason Rally!

Yuck to that stinkin Reason Rally. Atheists ought not gather. It is too much like religion. And the association with Tim Minchin makes my skin crawl.







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