post here.  it's gonna be crazy down there, so if anyone wants to exchange cell #'s to make sure we find each other, please do so. 

there will also be a A/N booth so that could be a good meeting place. 

my number is (215) 870-2461. 

looking forward to meeting many of my cyber friends!  :)

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Thanks! I'll probably be at the booths. Yeah I bet it will be crazy! Did you already buy your Rally gear?

rally gear?  no, do i need to?

I'm sure there will be plenty of swag at the rally (shirt, hoodie, hat, etc.)

You have to order online and pick it up at the rally. I ordered mine online already. Now I just have to go and get it.

Unfortunately we are absolutely NOT allowed to sell (or even appear to sell) anything during our Reason Rally. You can certainly pick up orders on location, though, so order today from our store and bring your receipt and we’ll be happy to have it waiting for you. We can’t guarantee you’ll get anything if you wait too long so please take a look at our store and order today!

Hmmm.. I originally refused to buy at the site because I had thought it was only via PayPal (I refuse to have anything to do with those douchebags), but I checked again and though not prominently displayed (like the douchebags), the link is there to pay by CC. 

Actually, they are prevented from selling merchandise on the Mall. You'll have to get it along the way somewhere. Don't know D.C. well enough to know where the huckstering goes on though. Sorry.

Will there be live streaming?

If not, can it be arranged?

I was talking to my neighbor and we just realized that it's this weekend!  We won't be able to make it but it would be great if we're able to see the entire event on youtube or some other online outlet.

i don't think there will be any live streaming.  from what i've heard, sending text messages may be difficult with so many people in attendance. 

Well, I confirmed my seat in the rental van last night. We'll be leaving at 2AM Saturday, staying for the rally and leaving an hour after it ends. So, no parties (sob!). I'm going to try to visit the AN booth though, if possible, but we've (those from my MeetUp group "FACT" going in the van) decided to stick together so we don't leave anybody behind, …straggling is prohibited. But, …it's probably only going to cost me about $30, plus what ever swag I pick up.

They also convinced me to come with them to the "Rock Beyond Belief" festival at Ft. Bragg, which is about an hours drive away. 

Last night I also shook hands with a real American hero, he's going to be the flag bearer at the opening ceremonies at the Reason Rally ...and he's one of "ours" (FACT - Forsyth Area Critical Thinkers), Foxhole Atheist, Steven Hewett.

What a great guy, I got to talk to him for a bit, gracious and humble to a fault. When I realized who he was, I almost lost it, "You're THAT guy! Wow! …etc". He immediately turned the conversation to Jessica Ahlquist saying, "That Ahlquist kid, now there's a REAL American hero". This coming from a guy who, after fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan, had to fight the Christian Taliban in his home town. After he called Jessica an American hero, I responded, "I guess it takes one to know one, Steven".

Please post frequently so those of us on the home can cheer you on!

I'll do my best with what little bandwidth is available. Maybe some kind of live blog...




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