post here.  it's gonna be crazy down there, so if anyone wants to exchange cell #'s to make sure we find each other, please do so. 

there will also be a A/N booth so that could be a good meeting place. 

my number is (215) 870-2461. 

looking forward to meeting many of my cyber friends!  :)

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The only gadget I'm hauling is my old Nikon D100 DSLR camera, no laptop (don't own one), no cellphone (don't own one, …don't want to either). The lens I have for the Nikon is just 24-55mm so no promises of great pics either, best case scenario is dependent on how close I get to the front, worst case?

…lots of back-of-the-head crowd shots, yay!.

Well, enjoy regardless!

All you can do is your best!  Most important is for you to enjoy yourself.  But if you like taking pics and posting experiences, that would be so cool!

Weather forecast is calling for rain/thunderstorm, just a tip; umbrellas and crowds are a bad mix, ...leave the brolly at home and bring a rain poncho.

Don't have a poncho?

You can get cheap ones at dollar stores that fit in your pocket.

i just bought a new umbrella specifically for the RR.  i hate ponchos!  it'll cover up my "smile, there's no hell t-shirt". 

Well, the "dollar store" ponchos are "see through", ...if you check the FAQ, they (Reason Rally organizers) discourage umbrellas as well.

We are expecting rain so ponchos or other wet-weather gear is a good idea.  Umbrellas may block the view.

…just sayin'

ok, you sold me.  i'll hit up the dollar store before i leave today. 

I'm going to bring 4 or 5 spares… to pass around, they ARE really cheap ...and compact.

I'll find the AN booth. I have heart failure, so I only have limited energy, but I wanna meet as many people as possible. My text is 301-697-1402. Hope to see everyone.

Well, I have my poncho (and some spares for "have nots"), camera, bottled water, spare socks and portable chair ready to go. It's going to be wet, uncomfortable, maybe not much fun…. but, I wouldn't miss it for the world.

Those who want to check out live blogs and tweets should check out the various and sundry bloggers at That's if cellular capacity can handle it. Good luck to those already there and making their way there, like I am. It's going to be a bumpy ride, that's for sure, the drive there is all through tornado watch areas tonight… WooHoo!


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