Atheism does not state that there is no god/s; it states one does not have verifiable, reliable, replicable evidence that there is/are god/s. There is no litany or dogma or scripture that one must conform to if one claims to be a non-believer. However, many non-believers make statements about what they like and value about non-belief in god/s. I copied the list of "Reasons why religion is bad" and changed the words and meaning to "Reasons non-belief in god/s can be healthy". Here it is. Feel free to change, add, delete whatever feels right for you. Thanks to Dustin Roy's discussion "Reasons why religion is bad." I do not claim all non-believers think and act this way, only that these statements fit the responses I read from other non-believers and that I share.

Reasons why atheism can be healthy

1: Atheism encourages one to be one's true self.
2: Atheism is truth.
3: Atheism is approachable
4: Atheism is healthy
5: Atheism is contemporary
6: Atheism is morally consistencies
7: Atheism is fair
8: Atheism is just
9: Atheism is inclusive
10: Atheism is impartial
11: Atheism requires freedom
12: Atheism is compassionate
13: Atheism is respectful
14: Atheism values life
15: Atheism values reason
16: Atheism values truth
17: Atheism values humanity
18: Atheism uses evidence; when evidence changes, thinking changes
19: Atheism uses scientifically verifiable, reliable, replicable evidence
20: Atheism encourages free thought
21: Atheism encourages freedom of choice
22: Atheism encourages scientific progress
23: Atheism encourages medical progress
24: Atheism encourages social progress
25: Atheism liberates sexuality
26: Atheism liberates sexual freedom
27: Atheism encourages safe sex
28: Atheism encourages contraceptive use
29: Atheism encourages woman's rights
30: Atheism promotes sexual health
31: Atheism encourages concern
32: Atheism encourages factual information
33: Atheism encourages double blind studies to verify evidence
34: Atheism teaches to be pro-active
35: Atheism teaches reasoning
36: Atheism protects time
37: Atheism protects money
38: Atheism protects energy
39: Atheism protects resources
40: Atheism protects knowledge
41: Atheism protects lives
42: Atheism acknowledges human nature
43: Atheism faces physical, psychological, and emotional problems
44: Atheism creates equinimity
45: Atheism creates respect
46: Atheism creates honor
47: Atheism creates assurance
48: Atheism creates relaxation
49: Atheism creates conflict resolution processes
50: Atheism creates peace
51: Atheism creates confidence
52: Atheism creates problem solving processes
53: Atheism strengthen relationships
54: Atheism strengthen families
55: Atheism strengthen communities
56. Atheism teaches taking responsibility
57. Atheism teaches being dependable
58. Atheism teaches taking care of the Earth as a high value
59. Atheism teaches Homo sapiens is part of a much larger universe
60. Atheism teaches we all exist as valuable participants of a universe.

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I could argue against some of the points given in this list.  I am more of a hard-ass atheist who thinks religion should not simply be tolerated but should be countered, criticized and exposed by rational argument wherever its influence arises. 

Dustin, I would go further.  Religion should be routed out, exposed and expunged.  Probably won't happen, but one can hope!

Dustin, I agree. Put a cross through the ones you can't support. Add others that you may be able to support. Think in terms of probabilities, possibilities and preferability.

If we think in terms of probabilities, nothing will change. The status quo remains the same.
If we think in terms of possibilities, the mind begins to imagine, creative energy starts to flow.
If we think in terms of preferability, we can create the kind of world we want to leave our future generations.

The reasons I gave in my list "Reasons why religion is bad" clearly shows that religion is criminal ideology. Lots of it is no better than Nazism or organized crime but people (including some on here) still think it should not be banned. Religion has killed more people in this world than anything else. I'm not saying all religious people are bad, but lots of them blindly follow religion without knowing what they are supporting or even realizing that religions are myths made to control and steal from people, including those who go to churches. Religion is NOT a typical belief system period.

Dustin, most of us of Atheist Nexus left belief in god/s because we learned a better way to live, or felt restricted by nonsense. Few of us will argue with you about the evils of religion.
I, for one, do NOT think religion should be banned. To do so would be to impose on others restrictions we don't want put on us. People are entitled to their beliefs and the time to fight them is when they invade our politics, economics and civil rights.

You may find fault with some here. We each have our quirks and pimples. My worst enemy is my best teacher. Not everyone agrees with me and that is fine.

Yes, I agree, people kill because of religion. They also mutilate little boys and little girls trying to make their sexual organs more acceptable. What a lot of rot!

I agree with you 100% that "lots of them blindly follow religion without knowing what they are supporting or even realizing that religions are myths made to control and steal from people, including those who go to churches. Religion is NOT a typical belief system.

Religions are belief systems designed to control, manipulate, and exploit. Have you noticed how so many people who claim to be religious leaders have egos that would make any egomaniac blush. i.e. so-called Xtians who are guilty of the following:

• They claim they are in touch with god and therefore they have answers.

• They pray for success, power and material things.

• They claim their god exists, in spite of being unable or unwilling to produce any credible empiric evidence or logical argument to verify their claim.

• They claim they communicate with their god, he hears prayers and answers them, without any verifiable proof.

• They believe after death they will go to "Heaven’", they will live with loved ones forever, Those who are less worthy will go to "Hell" and burn in eternal fires forever.

• They deliberately manipulate and exploit others in their flock, curse those who do not submit to god's will

• They reveal insensitivity when confronted with challenges and callously call for money, even from the poorest of the poor.

• They stereotype those who do not conform to a standard they set for others.

• They believe they are entitled to goods and services because their god is the one-and-only ‘first cause’. (This one mystifies me greatly because they believe others should acquiesce to this particular delusion).

• They envt others for having more, accuse others for not sharing, and defend those who offend even the most heinous crimes.

Many religious ‘believers’ and leaders have all these characteristics. .

The Anti-Theist and Misoclere Society

Thinking religion should not be banned is just like saying organized crime should not be banned. How messed up is that? Religion is apparently diminishing in developed countries anyway so I don't really care if it gets banned or not.

I think rather than "banned", shall we say we prefer it to progressively become obsolete?

to say that religion and especially Christianity has not had any benefits on the world and society is not truthful.

You may discuss all the bad things about religion, but you show ignorance by denying any benefits it has had in history.  You cannot deny them unless you lie or do not read history.

Dustin, do you want to wallow in self-pity and remain a victim all your life? Or do you want to create a life for yourself that is worthy of your great talents?

What a great list, I really like how this. Thanks for creating it. I can't say I have seen our good side laid out like this before. Good job. 

Liz, thank you. I prefer that I would let all the ugly religiosity go and concentrate on building a decent lifestyle based on the ideas I wrote. I'm doing better and expect to think more positively than negatively. I do believe my negativity draws more to me. I read the tragedies that occur beyond my control and I feel so weak. It is a fact I am not weak, and I can respond to life's challenges in healthy ways.

So, join the strong, steadfast, community building, critical thinking atheist crowd and flourish. After all, this life is not a dress rehearsal for the real thing. This IS the real thing.

This is strange.  

Atheism is the belief that there IS NO GOD.  The very definition is that there is 100% proof there is not God.  That is the definition of Atheism.

To say there is no proof is to be agnostic.




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