Atheism does not state that there is no god/s; it states one does not have verifiable, reliable, replicable evidence that there is/are god/s. There is no litany or dogma or scripture that one must conform to if one claims to be a non-believer. However, many non-believers make statements about what they like and value about non-belief in god/s. I copied the list of "Reasons why religion is bad" and changed the words and meaning to "Reasons non-belief in god/s can be healthy". Here it is. Feel free to change, add, delete whatever feels right for you. Thanks to Dustin Roy's discussion "Reasons why religion is bad." I do not claim all non-believers think and act this way, only that these statements fit the responses I read from other non-believers and that I share.

55 reasons why atheism can be healthy

1: Atheism encourages one to be one's true self.
2: Atheism is truth.
3: Atheism is approachable
4: Atheism is healthy
5: Atheism is contemporary
6: Atheism is morally consistencies
7: Atheism is fair
8: Atheism is just
9: Atheism is inclusive
10: Atheism is impartial
11: Atheism requires freedom
12: Atheism is compassionate
13: Atheism is respectful
14: Atheism values life
15: Atheism values reason
16: Atheism values truth
17: Atheism values humanity
18: Atheism uses evidence; when evidence changes, thinking changes
19: Atheism uses scientifically verifiable, reliable, replicable evidence
20: Atheism encourages free thought
21: Atheism encourages freedom of choice
22: Atheism encourages scientific progress
23: Atheism encourages medical progress
24: Atheism encourages social progress
25: Atheism liberates sexuality
26: Atheism liberates sexual freedom
27: Atheism encourages safe sex
28: Atheism encourages contraceptive use
29: Atheism encourages woman's rights
30: Atheism promotes sexual health
31: Atheism encourages concern
32: Atheism encourages factual information
33: Atheism encourages double blind studies to verify evidence
34: Atheism teaches to be pro-active
35: Atheism teaches reasoning
36: Atheism protects time
37: Atheism protects money
38: Atheism protects energy
39: Atheism protects resources
40: Atheism protects knowledge
41: Atheism protects lives
42: Atheism acknowledges human nature
43: Atheism faces physical, psychological, and emotional problems
44: Atheism creates equinimity
45: Atheism creates respect
46: Atheism creates honor
47: Atheism creates assurance
48: Atheism creates relaxation
49: Atheism creates conflict resolution processes
50: Atheism creates peace
51: Atheism creates confidence
52: Atheism creates problem solving processes
53: Atheism strengthen relationships
54: Atheism strengthen families
55: Atheism strengthen communities
56. Atheism teaches taking responsibility
57. Atheism teaches being dependable
58. Atheism teaches taking care of the Earth as a high value
59. Atheism teaches Homo sapiens is part of a much larger universe
60. Atheism teaches we all exist as valuable participants of a universe.

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