1. Mike Pence

Mike Pence is a deranged depraved and immoral POS and he could prove more dangerous than Trump because he's smarter and more Machiavellian. 

2. Members of the Trump Administration

Anyone with an ounce of competence or integrity is gone and even if Pence were not a scumbag he'd have a tough time draining the Trump Swamp. 

3. Trump Supporters

Even worse than Trump are his supporters. Trump will hurt them more than anyone else. They need to be punished and Trump is punishing them now. There are a lot of depraved people in this country and they dwell mostly in the deplorable red states. It was easy to blame Hitler for the Holocaust but Hitler had a lot of help from a lot of people are evil as he was. The same is even truer when it come to Trump and his tRumproids. There are more of them. They have no reason to complain like the German people did and they are more evil that your average Hitler supporter.

The only better solution would be a military coup.

Trump has pissed off our generals including Mad Dog Mattis. Orchestrating a coup has to be entering the minds of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.  Right wing governors won't resist because you can bet they would already be targeted for assassination should they act stupid. 

A year of martial law would present a good opportunity to clean out the nests of neo Nazis, traitorous thugs and hate groups, especially the ones in the Buy Bull belt. Lincoln should have ordered a purge and allowed the freed slaves their chance for revenge and full compensation by killing the rich plantation owners and any traitor who supported the confederacy. They never got their 40 acres and their mules.

Short of a coup, Trump needs to stay so that he can be shellacked in the 2020 election. Perhaps then, we can have a super majority.

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