I have not been on Atheist Nexus much lately but I have had this list for at least four years and wanted to share it. Here are 55 reasons why religion is bad:

1: Religion was created to control
2: Religion is a lie
3: Religion is condescending
4: Religion is viral
5: Religion is outdated
6: Religion is riddled with moral inconsistencies
7: Religion justifies racism
8: Religion justifies discrimination
9: Religion justifies sexism
10: Religion justifies intolerance
11: Religion justifies slavery
12: Religion justifies child abuse
13: Religion justifies rape
14: Religion justifies murder
15: Religion devalues reason
16: Religion devalues truth
17: Religion devalues humanity
18: Religion uses circular logic
19: Religion contradicts scientifically proven facts
20: Religion restricts free thought
21: Religion restricts freedom of choice
22: Religion restricts scientific progress
23: Religion restricts medical progress
24: Religion restricts social progress
25: Religion represses sexuality
26: Religion restricts sexual freedom
27: Religion restricts safe sex
28: Religion restricts contraceptive use
29: Religion restricts woman's rights
30: Religion promotes non-consensual genital mutilation
31: Religion encourages complacency
32: Religion encourages false information
33: Religion encourages ignorance
34: Religion teaches to be submissive
35: Religion teaches behaviour through authority by means of reward and punishment
36: Religion steals time
37: Religion steals money
38: Religion steals energy
39: Religion steals resources
40: Religion steals knowledge
41: Religion steals lives
42: Religion defines human nature
43: Religion creates psychological problems
44: Religion creates resent
45: Religion creates shame
46: Religion creates guilt
47: Religion creates fear
48: Religion creates stress
49: Religion creates irreconcilable divisions
50: Religion creates violence
51: Religion creates terrorism
52: Religion creates wars
53: Religion destroys relationships
54: Religion destroys families
55: Religion destroys communities

Over the years I have been disliking religion more and more, especially religious people because they are supporters of what is basically crime against humanity. One of these days I will put something on a church to criticize their nonsense.

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"That's how god rolls."

No, I don't think so. There is no god so how can god roll? The god to which an individual refers is a fabrication of the mind, not a statement of a reality. 

When a statement indicates the person understands the genetic or hormonal cause of homosexuality and continues to claim that a homosexual person should not have sex, the one making the claim is speaking from ignorance, and thus, to be ignored. It doesn't matter what he/she says because he/she bases his/her conclusion on fallacious reasoning. 

Speaking of god as a fictional character, of course, that'd totally be the way he rolls.  He's a jerk like that.

I should have said they, the fundies, believe it's a choice he made. I don't believe it's a choice.  The newest studies show that it may be due to exposure to estrogen. Since women are born with all their eggs, over the years, the eggs are exposed to more and more estogen. Therefore the younger the sibling (in birth order) have been exposed the most and are more likely to be gay. At least that's my understanding of it.  I'm not a scientists. The gays I know are the last born in their family.  I asked my siblings when,exactly,did they choose to be straight?  Not one of them could give me an answer.

I wasn't drawn to Atheism because of the faults I found with religion; I was draw to Atheism because of the its greater truths. It was also much more than choosing a different set of beliefs; I was attracted to Atheism's more evolved methods of thinking. This is a difference of epistemology which is more abstract than a difference in beliefs. A difference in how one thinks is one level more abstract than a difference in what one thinks.

An idealist projects onto the world how they think things should be. An empiricist observes how things are. This represents two completely different directions for the flow of knowledge. In idealism truth originates in a persons mind and is projected onto the world. In empiricism knowledge flows in the opposite direction. The truth already exists outside of us in the relationships that exist in the material world. Perceptions of truth flow into our minds through our senses.

Atheism represents an epistemological metamorphosis where one realizes idealism is a barrier to perceiving truth. Idealism is a distraction that prevents us from developing our empirical faculties. Analyzing the epistemology of our thoughts is more abstract that analyzing the more concrete content of our beliefs. To chastise someone for their inability to see at a more abstract level is like blaming a blind person for being blind. It is futile and mean spirited. Believers are also humans with senses and minds and have the potential to become Atheists. They are not evil because they have not yet gone through the epistemological metamorphosis. They are unenlightened and we must remember many of us were there at one time.

Peter, I like the way you distinguish idealist thinking and empiricist observation. My focus has been on the harm that religious thinking, traditions, and values have caused me and my children, and in fact, to the men who acted as brutes in our families. Growing up with dominion/submission as a high value, and living too many years trying to live down to expectations of my culture, took a heavy toll. Breaking free from ancient beliefs in order to be a mentally healthy, mature, adult required losing my ancestral family, my marriage and my religious community. 

I did not realize at the traumatic time that I was moving toward health for me and those who come after me. I realize that I am not alone in that transformation. Many other men and women have to make the choices and determine to be healthy.

Yes, it is hard; it is stressful. However, we leave behind an ancient tradition to move into a more enlightened way of being.  Obviously, not everyone moves toward mental and physical health. The point is, opportunity is there, and one can change toward health if one uses careful thought and action.   

Hi Joan,

How do you escape being the victim of blind idealists? You have to stop focussing on the pain they have caused and struggle to concentrate on doing the most you can to make the most of your life. The best revenge is to live your life enjoying freedom. The best you can do with negative influences is to make them irrelevant. Don't waste your time finding fault with nonsense. Spend your time having as many, and as good, thoughts and experiences as possible. Atheists have the courage to accept the certainty of human mortality. We are aware of the need to enjoy THIS life. In comparison, the ability to ignore nonsense should be easy.

Peter, of course you make good points. Cancer kind of put the issue of my mortality up close and personal. Tough as the treatments were, I felt mostly positive, with just one down period. My emotions continue to be positive. As I get stronger and have more endurance, the bounce comes back. THIS LIFE is just splendid!. I have lots to live for especially with all the great-grandkids that come along. Great fun to focus on them. 

Thanks Peter. 

k. hughes, give your gay family member a hug from me, an Atheist Nexus friend. Tell him he is as he is made and OK. 

Thanks Joan.  He's a very nice young man.  Finished his BS  and is working on his masters.  I'm proud of him.

As you probably know, some cultures hold their homosexual members in very high regard, almost shaman-like. 

I haven't been harmed by any religions except christianity, Roman catholicism and the Mormons. Eastern religions may be, probably are, as harmful as western.  I just have not been impacted by them. 

For another reason that religion is bad, I simply look at all the posts here on Nexus. It appears to me that a few people have some screwed up beliefs that are left overs from religion. Spirits and ghosts are some of these. So, you are a logical person now, you have chosen not to believe in dieties for some reason, but you still believe in Casper. If you cannot prove or demonstrate your belief in a logical way, then that belief is bullshit! Wake up to the fact, OK. God and everything in the bible cannot be proven for lack of evidence, and yet you want me to believe that a family in Montana is being haunted by the "spirit" of some long dead Indian chief. Get real! Then you want me to believe in "nature spirits." This last idea is nothing more than early man wanting to put the dualism of self into the world around him. You cannot deny existence of the unknown and still accept some of it at the same time. Where is the proof?



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