I have not been on Atheist Nexus much lately but I have had this list for at least four years and wanted to share it. Here are 55 reasons why religion is bad:

1: Religion was created to control
2: Religion is a lie
3: Religion is condescending
4: Religion is viral
5: Religion is outdated
6: Religion is riddled with moral inconsistencies
7: Religion justifies racism
8: Religion justifies discrimination
9: Religion justifies sexism
10: Religion justifies intolerance
11: Religion justifies slavery
12: Religion justifies child abuse
13: Religion justifies rape
14: Religion justifies murder
15: Religion devalues reason
16: Religion devalues truth
17: Religion devalues humanity
18: Religion uses circular logic
19: Religion contradicts scientifically proven facts
20: Religion restricts free thought
21: Religion restricts freedom of choice
22: Religion restricts scientific progress
23: Religion restricts medical progress
24: Religion restricts social progress
25: Religion represses sexuality
26: Religion restricts sexual freedom
27: Religion restricts safe sex
28: Religion restricts contraceptive use
29: Religion restricts woman's rights
30: Religion promotes non-consensual genital mutilation
31: Religion encourages complacency
32: Religion encourages false information
33: Religion encourages ignorance
34: Religion teaches to be submissive
35: Religion teaches behaviour through authority by means of reward and punishment
36: Religion steals time
37: Religion steals money
38: Religion steals energy
39: Religion steals resources
40: Religion steals knowledge
41: Religion steals lives
42: Religion defines human nature
43: Religion creates psychological problems
44: Religion creates resent
45: Religion creates shame
46: Religion creates guilt
47: Religion creates fear
48: Religion creates stress
49: Religion creates irreconcilable divisions
50: Religion creates violence
51: Religion creates terrorism
52: Religion creates wars
53: Religion destroys relationships
54: Religion destroys families
55: Religion destroys communities

Over the years I have been disliking religion more and more, especially religious people because they are supporters of what is basically crime against humanity. One of these days I will put something on a church to criticize their nonsense.

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Religion supports batshit crazy politicians.
Religion supports "us/them" dichotomies.
Religion supports narcissism.
Religion sucks money and resources from the poor.
Religion scapegoates people who differ.
Religion supports discrimination.
Religion supports the destructive spiral of overreproduction.
Relijion justifies homophobia.

Religion promotes and justifies misogyny.
Religion insists on adherence to "truths" it cannot prove.

Yeah ok but your list is too nihilistic for our on going campaigm which seems to be longer than your spurges girl

Dennis, I wasn't able to download



I tried the usual remedies and none worked. I could see the quote but could not get it into my iPhoto, or sometimes mail works. Nothing worked. So I went to FFRF and found it by Google. It is a great quote. Thanks. 

It's not really a matter of old or new. It's the matter of being able to prove something. To be real you have to prove something exists. Otherwise it is imaginary.

Acciaccatura, There exists many in the religious community, from preacher and priest to parishioners, who have some doubts or some difficulty with what they preach, teach and hear. It is for those who doubt that I want to reach. Waste of time? perhaps! However, being caught by the delusions of those who put faith into ancient dogma, or modern charisma, and who look for a way out may welcome the seeds that non-believers offer.   

Planting a Seed of Doubt

Skeptical Inquirer, Volume 22.4, July / August 1998

"Skeptics should forego any thought of convincing the unconvinced that we hold the torch of truth illuminating the darkness. A more modest, realistic, and achievable goal is to encourage the idea that one may be mistaken. Doubt is humbling and constructive; it leads to rational thought in weighing alternatives and fully reexamining options, and it opens unlimited vistas."

~ Elie A. Shneour

There are some interesting ideas here Joan. We learn far more from our mistakes than we acknowledge. It is only people who believe they are in possession of perfect truths who cannot realize when they have made mistakes.

Peter, I so appreciate your comments, obviously based on a life of thinking and acting that leads to mistakes and victories. Your words resonate in me. 

As Einstein could not wrap his mind around quantum physics, so, with time, others unravel the profound mysteries of the universe. One by one, the questions become answers that stand up to scrutiny ... unless and until a different hypothesis appears that seems to explain more. Being flexible contains the power of positive change. 

My very best friends include those who challenge me to think about what I think. Can water think about itself? NO! Can dogs? I don't know! Can humans? Profoundly YES. 

So, I count you as one of my dear friends. The beauty of this site empowers that kind of friendship. 

Joan I have to admit I also appreciate your comments. You seem to have the sense of fallibility I expect to find in Atheism. I look forward to making many more mistakes in your presence since I know you will give me a break.

You are correct; honest, full of thought, generously covered with compassion, comments. 

Generalizations are bad, mkay



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