I have not been on Atheist Nexus much lately but I have had this list for at least four years and wanted to share it. Here are 55 reasons why religion is bad:

1: Religion was created to control
2: Religion is a lie
3: Religion is condescending
4: Religion is viral
5: Religion is outdated
6: Religion is riddled with moral inconsistencies
7: Religion justifies racism
8: Religion justifies discrimination
9: Religion justifies sexism
10: Religion justifies intolerance
11: Religion justifies slavery
12: Religion justifies child abuse
13: Religion justifies rape
14: Religion justifies murder
15: Religion devalues reason
16: Religion devalues truth
17: Religion devalues humanity
18: Religion uses circular logic
19: Religion contradicts scientifically proven facts
20: Religion restricts free thought
21: Religion restricts freedom of choice
22: Religion restricts scientific progress
23: Religion restricts medical progress
24: Religion restricts social progress
25: Religion represses sexuality
26: Religion restricts sexual freedom
27: Religion restricts safe sex
28: Religion restricts contraceptive use
29: Religion restricts woman's rights
30: Religion promotes non-consensual genital mutilation
31: Religion encourages complacency
32: Religion encourages false information
33: Religion encourages ignorance
34: Religion teaches to be submissive
35: Religion teaches behaviour through authority by means of reward and punishment
36: Religion steals time
37: Religion steals money
38: Religion steals energy
39: Religion steals resources
40: Religion steals knowledge
41: Religion steals lives
42: Religion defines human nature
43: Religion creates psychological problems
44: Religion creates resent
45: Religion creates shame
46: Religion creates guilt
47: Religion creates fear
48: Religion creates stress
49: Religion creates irreconcilable divisions
50: Religion creates violence
51: Religion creates terrorism
52: Religion creates wars
53: Religion destroys relationships
54: Religion destroys families
55: Religion destroys communities

Over the years I have been disliking religion more and more, especially religious people because they are supporters of what is basically crime against humanity. One of these days I will put something on a church to criticize their nonsense.

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I would rather consider what is right with Atheism. Let's start the list:

1. Atheism represents the achievement of freedom of thought through the exercise of responsible thought.

Peter, may I suggest you start a line, "what is right with Atheism?" or whatever name you choose. I support your idea 100%. You started with:

1. Atheism represents the achievement of freedom of thought through the exercise of responsible thought.

I add:
2. Atheism represents perceiving oneself as a responsible agent for thought and action.

Additional suggestion:

• Atheism is based on what is, not what is not.

My post appears to be similar to yours Loren, just worded a bit differently. Sorry about that.

No biggie...

Thank you Joan.

3. Atheism attracts members through the offer of freedom, truth and autonomy.

4. Atheism creates social cohesion since empiricism is dependent on observation of a common material universe and is a convergent form of reasoning.

Great list Dustin.
+Atheism allows people to be themselves instead of someone others think they should be.

Religion is evil as fuck.

In my twenties I was a very militant Atheist. I enjoyed reading the Marquis De Sade and loved reading his rants as he portrayed the religious authorities in the most wicked possible light. Eventually I came to see his writings as the anguished cries of a traumatized victim and recognized my enjoyment of them being a product of my suffering at the hands of a few narrow minded believers.

I came to realize I was living a life in reaction to a few bad people. I wanted to start enjoying the positive aspects of being an Atheist. I found a more balanced, healthier point of view in the writings of Diderot, Condorcet and Galiani. I also became less militant and open to the positive elements that can be found in religion.

I view the development of belief systems as a development of human understanding that leads to Atheism. There is a pattern of anthropomorphism in human understanding that is in constant retreat. Our earliest belief systems gave a human personality to just about every object in the form of spirits. With monotheism this has retreated to an abstract extreme with only some vague notion of the universe having a human personality. The only possible next step is total materialism. Atheism.

Just as I despair at seeing religious people vilify Atheists, I despair at seeing Atheists vilify believers.Getting sanctimonious has never solved anything. It only exacerbates conflicts. Not all believers are evil or stupid. I am sure it would be possible to find plenty of examples of evil Atheists. We could start with Stalin. There are valuable ideas to be learned from religious writings. I can't know what Jesus meant by saying "Man does not live by bread alone" but I believe he meant we need freedom and truth. In this statement I see the seeds of Atheism. It has taken thousands of years for humanity to develop the understanding that has led us to Atheism. I think it is only fair to see religion in an historic context. 

Peter, your comment radiates with reality, of knowing that I paint with too broad a brush. I radiate pure disdain for anyone who believes in a safety net of all knowing, all loving, all caring god/s. It is not a philosophical thing for me; it is the reality of broken bones, black eyes, bruised skin, hair pulled out in handfuls, Whenever I hear excuses for family violence, I look through eyes with blood flowing over them. I see bright red blood, and I see me using the "Passive Gospel"* and prayers to find safety and freedom, to no avail.

Very nice people still believe delusions and still preach and teach hallucinations and others don't seem to notice or care. It is like fingernails on a blackboard for me. I suppose, one of these days, I will find forgiveness for those bastards. Ah HA! I do use swear words ... I know, I am a hypocrite; rather be sanctimonious than a denier.

I do like the exercise of finding positives out of my experiences. Being caught up in hate serves no one; I only want people who believe in god/s to know the horrendous damage such thinking and action causes. Their beliefs make devils out of them and too many times they get away with assaults.

They perform crimes of neglect and the religious communities remain silent.
Faith-Healing Couple Lets Another Child Die.

They commit crimes of assault and murder; where is the outrage of the religious community?
Eric Robert Rudolph confessed to bombings an abortion clinic in Atlanta suburb of Sandy Springs on January 16, 1997; a lesbian bar in Atlanta on February 21, 1997, injuring five; an abortion clinic in Birmingham, Alabama on January 29, 1998, killing a Birmingham police officer and part-time clinic security guard Robert Sanderson, and critically injuring nurse Emily Lyons. Rudolph stated, "My actions that day were motivated by my recognition that abortion is murder."

"Many may find the graphic images of my trauma ... to be offensive. I hope so. Violence is ugly. You should be offended by the senseless damage caused by the attack. It isn't the photographs that are bad; it is the act of hate that created them."
~ Emily Lyons
Gay Hating, Abortion Clinic Bombings, Veiled Threats on "race mixing"

In whom can one put one's trust? Certainly not in the religious community.
And here is another overstatement with a kernel of truth imbedded:
"Priests Rape Boys"

No, not all religious commit crimes of neglect, assault and murder; they do remain silent when faced with the reality. I hold believers accountable.

"Passive Gospel"*, yield, pray, obey, submit, acquiesce, accede, petition, give allegiance to, consent, give in, crucify oneself in imitation of the crucified christ and rejoice in your crucifixion.

Jeez! I still have some of that old fire in me. Ok! Ok! Now turn to positive thinking. I am stronger for having had my experiences and exposures. Now, let's get to work building a strong non-believing community made up of healthy, happy, productive, loving, caring, compassionate people.

Joan, thanks for that great response.


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