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You have a slight muslim problem with that.
Hate it when facts get in the way of a good rant!
Obviously, some heads would have to roll to make this happen. If I thought it would end people's delusions about the "second coming" I'd be all over it. Unfortunately, it wouldn't make a bit of difference. The second coming has been prophesied SOOOO many times, and failed, throughout history that the idea is absurd. These guys will never give up. The goal-posts will simply be moved again.
Not to mention that a lot of people would be even MORE into hastening the apocalypse (it'd be their duty to fulfill prophecy!) "Hey, the temple is back! That must be our sign from the lord to toss some nukes! Whee!"
Um, say what? You're suggesting that if they succeed that Jesus might appear in the clouds? LOL
is there a way for us normal people to stand back from these religious wars and just watch, or are we being use as a palm in the middle, this is madness i want out of it
It was my understanding that Armageddon is a mountain range in Palestine and that the battle is prophesied to take place between the angels of heaven and the armies of wicked men. From where I'm sitting it just seems like good theater.

Worst case scenario, a whole bunch of religious people annihilate each other along with some innocent bystanders and humanity takes an introspective look at the benefits of the whole religion thing.
all these armageddon christens are all round me and praying for it to start or they will make the wars to start, i guess it mite have already started with, (with bushes found g?d & oil wars), the 2 or 3 wars going now that what makes me nerves.
They're all around me too. :/
They hope so..Then all of us get put in a giant wine press to make :"Rivers of blood."

Isn't Jeebus a nice dude.
maybe jeebus is the vampire, and suck the blood out of us all till we are dead like the ones that are in the movies, the whole bunch, gXd, jeebus,angels,the holy spirits, the devil, and on and on,... thats it......the supernatral blood cults...are coming after us
I just watched a crazy-funny comedian on Netflix last night....his name escapes me...he's British and he dresses up like a transvestite (because it was the year 2000 at the time and he claims that all men will be dressing that way by the END of the millennium, 2999...he's just ahead of his time). Anyway, if you can keep from being distracted by his outfit, he has some great lines about Christianity being both "vampirish" and "cannibalistic"...drink the blood of Christ, eat the body of Christ...etc etc. He explains why the dinosaurs aren't mentioned in the Bible too. OH, and his take on Charleton Heston and gun control is sooooo hilarious.




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