I have been back and forth over and over again. I was baptized catholic and everything, heard the stories of god since I was little. Then when so much bad happened to me I questioned if a oh so great wonderful god would let this happen to me. Then after I had a child I said well how would I ever get a miracle like this to happen if their wasn't a god. And finally almost 9 years later, 2 kids now, I started questioning and wondering. I read parts of the bible and started studying a lot of science stuff. Came across the whole Evolution vs creation debate, and I changed. I started to see things for what they are or in this case what they are not. The world is magnificent, it is a miracle , but I think it's all a miracle of science. My views have became very strong in the last year or so. I didn't know there was a word for not believing in god until about 6 months ago. Then I found out that's what athiest or nonthiest meant. I am still learning, still exploring and still questioning. So I guess that is why I am here. I want to meet other people that have these views. 
Thanks for reading my first rant here........have a nice day!!

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Welcome fellow heathen! I am also pretty new to Atheist Nexus. It is nice to have a place to talk to fellow atheists and know that you are not alone. You probably have experienced how hard it is to even talk about being atheist in "the real world", even though 5-15% (depending on the survey) of Americans don't believe in god. My wife is Christian, though not a church-goer. I also have two kids. We let them decide about god for themselves. My son (17) has decided that he is atheist. My daughter (12) still believes in god. She only stopped believing in Santa Claus a year ago, so maybe there is still hope. What about your husband and children? Christian? What are you teaching your kids about religion?
Welcome to the Nexus - I'm fairly new here myself. I'm finding it's a great place to talk with fellow atheists and non-theists about common problems and other subjects. I'm across from you in St. Louis, so if you'd like to chat sometime...feel free.
Yes welcome. It's good to have a place to discuss things of this nature, especially if like me there aren't many opportunities to do so at home and work. It is sometimes less comforting to have an atheist belief as opposed to a belief in a benevolent god, but it is nice to be able to truly believe and not just want to believe. At least that's how I feel.


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