Recently spotted bumper stickers I found humorous

Jesus Loves You - Everyone Else Thinks You're An A-hole

Militant Agnostic - I don't know AND NEITHER DO YOU!

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I'm fond of ; "I'm a Volvo aware driver" (my sis has that one)

I'm looking for one which reads "I'd rather be an old fart than a young dickhead"

Oh, I'm STILL looking for a flatulent hippo,like the one Abby has on NCIS.
I saw one once that said "Fine, I evolved, you didn't!"
Where do you live that people are sporting those bumper stickers? I need to get out more.

We had an "Evolve!" fish on our car until the adhesive started to wear out, but until then, we were the only ones we ever saw with one. Occasionally had grateful high school biology teachers walking over in parking lots to start conversations with us.

One of my faves was: "Custer died for your sins."

A bit outdated, but still funny: "Frodo Failed, Bush Has The Ring"

Some I'd like to see:

"US Foreign Policy: We'll Bomb That Bridge When We Come To It"

"When you see a rainbow, god is having gay sex"

"Eve was framed"

"Ask Your Doctor If Medical Advice From A Television Commercial Is Right For You"

"Reaganomics - The Biggest Ponzi Scheme Of All Time"
I always like the one "Dog is my co-pilot"

Heard about but not seen by me:
"This is Wyoming...We don't give a fuck how you did it back home"

And one that is in real tiny letters (Where you have to drive right up to the bumber to read) "Nosey little prick...ain't you?"
Not related to religion... but still funny.

"Come closer, I need you to buy me a new bumper."


"I break spontaneously for tailgaters."



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