I have recently had cause to ponder the lack of established atheist holidays (etymology of the word holiday notwithstanding). I feel that there must be a number of days that are acceptable cause for celebration for atheists and theists alike. While I admit that some theists would have trouble with celebrating Darwin Day I think that something like Pi day which celebrates a universal constant would be a good compromise.
     I would love to hear suggestions as to what can be done to legitimise and promote atheist holidays. I also believe it would be best if this thread was used for commentary of the promotion of atheist celebrations rather than the bitter rants about Christmas I have encountered elsewhere in the forums.

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I have my own personal set of holidays based on important and/or memorable events in my life. For example, May 8 is Fish Day, based on something that happened in 1972 (I won't bore you with the details). Of course, these are solo celebrations, but they actually mean something to me and allow me to reminisce while measuring my progress in life, such as it is.
Obviously, if you like people, this approach probably won't suit you, but that's not a problem for me. The only people I like are cats.
The older I get, the more I prefer the company of the resident felines over most people.
We could just do what the early christians did, and take over the existing holidays and rename them to suit our own ends.
I celebrate Easter and Christmas in a very secular way. I haven't even had a tree in a long time. I do enjoy me some carols though, even though most are religious in content. I also celebrate Halloween and Thanksgiving. My anniversary is on the summer solstice, so I celebrate that too! Also birthdays. Cinco de Mayo and St. Patrick's day for the partying. Valentine's day, mildly, with just a fancy dinner and a bottle of expensive wine instead of the usual cheap stuff.

Plus, look at all the random holidays there are! May 4th is Star Wars day. September 19th is talk like a pirate day. December 5th is ninja day. Always fun to celebrate those little niche things that nobody really talks about.

And as far as the extra days off goes, just look at it this way - 99% of us get Christmas and Easter off. If you want to look at it as solstice/equinox celebrations, then go for it! But those are the only special days Christians get off. Them Jews are just greedy with their extra holidays. :P
I wouldn't mind another day off from work, whether it be for Easter, Pi Day or the end of Ramadan. A day off is a day off! =)
The great thing about holidays is, they come from ancient times, and have nothing to do with the fluctuating religious connotations we attribute them. I happen to enjoy history, culture, mythology, and quite love the idea of a festival of lights in the darkest days of winter. I love Christmas for the nostalgia and tradition, as even deep down the religious do. They however repeat to themselves motives otherwise true for why they actually are celebrating. But they're kidding themselves! Merry Christmas!
I don't have a problem with Xmas. The Santa songs pwn the Jesus songs.

Is there any sort of movement to co-opt Festivus as an Atheist holiday?

I LUV Mythmas! What day would FESTIVUS fall on?

Atheist Solidarity Day is June 21

World Humanist Day is also June 21




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