I just came out of the closet , I am deaf atheist.  Can you recommend me the link of forum that I can look up about how to respond right words to co-workers who ask  questions like what if I die then where I go ? Do I believe God like that.  my answer is no. but I want to impress right words to shut them up.

I told co-workers I don't want to talk about religious or God at my work. It is not appropriate to talk about that stuff during the work. but I like to look up several questions from Christians and what answer from Atheists.

I am sorry I did not respond this group . I am new on this website.  Nice to read your previous emails. thank you

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Thank you Kallipe Worter for the respond with your excellent answer when we die.

Often I hike in the national parks, I saw many nature and animals that inspire me all the time. I feel connected to plants and animals how to live and die in a natural way.

I will look up the link you gave me. Thank again.

Like you say ' I don't want to talk about religious or God at my work.' You say you told your co-workers so isn't that end of story ?

Well that phase sound too harsh to my co-worker . I did said that. It stopped but I felt it is not good way to say. Kappiope made the point to answer this question.
Some very funny back and forth on the link below. My posts are under Roswatheist FSM. After that, I'll give you my usual bit.


I just read and think it is so hilarious. it is great to read before go bed.

Glad you enjoyed the pummeling.

Argument 1) *I* don't believe in god, but I especially don't believe that omniscience and free will are compatible. If god has always known everything, he/she/it knows every choice every person is ever going to make. So, if my atheism was predetermined by this god, and he/she/it decides that those who don't believe are going to be tortured in hell forever, he/she/it has deliberately decided before I was born to send me there.

Argument 2) They can't have it both ways. What I mean is, if god is the same yesterday, today, and forever (Hebrews 13:8, Malachai 3:6, Isaiah 40:8) then it's okay for humans to own slaves. It's never okay to eat pork, shellfish, or beef with dairy. It's never okay to eat meat on the sabbath, period. It's never okay to wear blended fabrics. On and on ad nauseum...

These are my main starter arguments. Argument 2 just points out that NO ONE can follow all of the rules laid out in the buy-bull because if you adhere to some, you're breaking others.

Does this help?

Yes it does.  Thank for give the link, I will look up.

cheer, Mark

You're welcome, hon.


To be an empowered atheist and squash any dispute, I recommend the book, The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins (aka Darwin's Rottweiler).  It's a long, thorough, read about EVERY argument (I think).  You must arm yourself with rebuttals.  The God Delusion is a box full of silver bullets.

Also, you may be able to turn the tables on ANY theist when you say "the burden of proof is on you, not me. SHOW ME what you mean or else it's ALL NONSENSE (and you know it)".  "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence".

And memorize your official statement: "I choose to conduct my life NOT following fairy-tales.  I feel that's perfectly fine for others as long as they're not passing laws or hurting people because of them."

Good thing, I have Kindle book then I download this book.  thank for sharing.


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