Red State: A scary new film about extreme fundamentalism

Normally I hate horror movies but I may have to see this one.


One reason is because Red State was made by Kevin Smith, the guy who directed all those films featuring the crazy, ne'er-do-well stoners, Jay and Silent Bob (Kevin plays Silent Bob too). I love those guys and Smith's film Dogma, a 1999 comedy about Catholicism that features the nondynamic duo, is one of my alltime favorite movies.

The other reason is that Red State was inspired by the loveable antics of America's favorite fundamentalists, the folks from the Westboro Baptist Church.
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I cant wait to see this film. Although most everyone knows who the Westboro Baptist Church is in America I hope this film can catch the attention of the borderline people. I just finished Thomas Frank's book "Whats the Matter With Kansas". I live in Kansas and I am besides myself on why people vote against their best interests because Republican and god are synonymous here.

If I weren't an atheist already, the idea that God is a Republican would make me one.


Looks interesting. I will check this out for sure.

I like the idea of sick religious hate cults as horror villan.

In real life, you cant get much scarier than these freaks because they are real!!


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