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The following video is the subject of attention:


That's right. We're back to the whole "atheist/agnostic" thing again. Can we know that God doesn't exist? Nope. Neither the spaghetti monster or the orbiting saucer, etc.

That said, my feeling on this debate is that science doesn't infact refute God, except by proxy. There are many on here who reject the idea of anyone being agnostic on such a topic - I myself don't mind the term, for the following reason:

6,000 years ago, it would have been far more astute to accredit "God" to the things we couldn't explain. After all, there were a LOT of things we couldn't explain. Eons later, and we're at a strange place where we know all sorts of things, but we also know that we might not necessarily know them - you know what I mean? ;)

My point is this: science doesn't directly refute/disprove God, but the ideas and explanations it offers (many of which we currently have adopted as "fact") refutes God. In essence, scientific method refutes God, but providing a framework with which to examine any God claim/claimant. The process by which we evaluate these claims has changed the most, and simply by virtue of God no longer being necessary for the things we know, as well as the knowledge that he isn't necessary for the things we will eventually solve, God is no longer a relevant concept. There are a good many things we can be "agnostic" about, but that said, God isn't even worth considering or deliberating about.

Those are my thoughts - what are yours?

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Sounds about right to me.

You can't refute the claim that there is an invisible dragon in my garage, right?  But if I were to make the claim that the dragon kept my garage warm, that you could refute, given the right tools and access to my home.

The same thing is true for mythical gods.  To prove they don't exist might be outside of the realm of science.  But it was shown almost 250 years ago that lighting is independent of their works.

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