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Russell, I read your Letter to the Editor and am curious.

Does what Canadians say, write, or otherwise express have any protection from censorship by Canada’s government?

I have read many US Supreme Court free speech cases but will not here detail the protections Americans have—from “fighting words”, libel, slander, false claims on product labels, etc. We do however have few protections from the opinions people express.

Am I reading your letter correctly if I conclude that you want protections by government from the opinions Canadians express?

We have laws about hate crimes. So some expressed opinions have ramifications in Canada. Personally, i do not want protections from opinions. I want protection from willfully disseminating false information. Rigorous journalism has some protocols to ensure integrity in factual reporting. There is no guarantee they get everything correct. But these examples below to me are not opinions, they are blatantly false.

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