I have been reading and listening to a lot of Alan Watts lately and have recently changed my philosophy to Taoism. Turns out I have been one all of my life but just didn't know what it was called! :p Anyway, I was watching The Atheist Experience the other day on youtube (interesting discussions and I'd recommend checking them out) and there was a guy on the show talking about Taoism and reincarnation. To me Taoism fits into what I know about physics and astronomy and really reflects my view of the world, but I never felt like any of it suggested a spiritual reincarnation. I believe "reincarnation" is possible in a way. If the hypothesis about infinite universes or an endlessly repeating universe is correct then there is a 100% chance that "you" (the ego) will happen an infinite amount of times. Given infinite circumstances your specific neurons and "beingness" will be recreated infinitely, thus you will experience life repeatedly but won't have any memories or connections to other "yous." Anybody with a background in science, Taoism, or just curious about the topic?

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The Atheist Experience from Austin, TX is great! I love that show!
I'm curious about the topic and I do have a science background.

Interesting hypothesis. I read the TAO of Physics many years ago and found it intriguing. Do you recommend a certain source on this topic?    I tend to think of reincarnation as a trumped up version of our interchangeable atoms floating around taking on new lives and purposes after we die. 

I've had a similar thought myself, though not through Taoism. Check out my Nexus Blog...Life After Death an Atheists New Point of View.




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