Religion: A Parasite! Religious Terrorism Proves This As Fact!

Religion can be defined as a human parasite.

It turns humans into cognitive zombies.

It bears resemblance to Cordyceps (insect mind controlling fungus), hairworms, liver fluke, wasps and many other parasitic creatures who paralyse and/or mind control their victims into submission, in order to propagate itself.

Religion based terrorists, like those who attacked France remind me of ants infected with Ophiocordyceps, spores, which creates zombies of those ants and forces them to bite into the leaf containing the fungus, so they can be consumed by the fungus, and in the case of suicide bombers, be consumed entirely by their false delusion of achieving a martyr's afterlife.

I often wonder if those ants have a similar delusion when they bite the leaf containing the fungus.  Billions of ant martyrs.

Religion has consumed the minds of religious zealots like terrorists in the same fashion.

They are essentially Islamic or Christian Zombies!

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It isn't 1950 any more. Back then you had your local relgious group and maybe that of cousin Charlie in Arkansas. Perhaps you knew some religious people in Texas. News traveled more slowly and you didn't know much about Muslims or Hindus. Besides, they had it all wrong. So did those of other denominations but they were not hostile to you.

Today we have instant news and manipulated events. We hear of and see threats from all over the world.  Fear factor and future shock set in to cause religions to become parasitic more than ever. Religion was always a parasite but nobody knew. We think other religions are trying to take over as they see what governments do worldwide and they might flee their own land, wanting to set up their own government elsewhere. Unfortunately, mankind thinks the seat of proper government comes from religion. We always did think that, but in 1950 it didn't matter. Today we have the failure of secular governments to acknowledge what is going on. They do not want a religious war but have coddled religion way to long.

What is going on worldwide today is the subjective reaction of what relgion sees and wants done. Everything is bigger than some in Arkansas and Texas along with your locals. Are we to be surprised at what Islam wants? All we knew before was what the Christians wanted. Nobody gave a damn about Islam in the days of "Leave It To Beaver."

Now we can see that basic religions are all the same. Religion is a parasite and will act like one if you give it a chance. Yes, this also includes Christianity as well.

Christianity alters your identity to insure the survival of ITSELF.
-- from Prplfox's video series -

'Nuff said.

All belief systems use devious tactics for survival, in a world of competing belief systems.

Establishing belief systems is all about seeking power and profit.

Thus developing a belief system, such as religion is about usurping.

Religion is the oldest and most devious, as it has evolved ways to hijack human cognition, and made us biologically and neurological susceptible to their hijacking from birth.  

Other superstitions and belief systems have mostly learned how to hijack cognition from religions lead.

Essentially Superstitions (Religion), Belief Systems like Nationalism, and even advertising are all aimed at turning humans into zombies.

They have succeeded with religion holding millions of zombies under its power.





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