i always get mad when people claim that abortion isn't a religious issue.  of course it is.  the combination of controlling women (a religious tradition) and their belief that a peanut sized embryo has a soul makes it essentially religious.  

i understand not all atheists are pro-choice, but i think it's the vast majority position.  but very few issues piss me off like this one.  it's a blatant violation of church/state, and it's under attack all over this country.  this article does a good job of showing how Europe's relative lack of religiosity leads to easier access to abortion.  

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I like the Slate article's final paragraph, which begins: Trying to talk about the struggle over reproductive rights while ignoring religion is like trying to understand sports while ignoring the existence of teams:

A recent (2012) book, God Is Not A Republican, written by Benjamin Dixon, an Xian minister warns evangelical xians that the Republican Party is intentionally using their voting power but ignoring their political agenda. Dixon also points out at length, citing various xian bibles, that evangelicals are ignoring much of what their own xianity teaches.

Matthew, I hope your upset is motivating you to become active in some way to defeat the xian agenda.

Very good article, but in America reproduction is like a magic act,--- "And now the sperm meets the egg." PRESTO! It's a baby! At which point does the sperm or egg get a "soul," or at which point do the both of them become a "soul." Of course it's a "religious" question.

Anita Bryant knew this was a man's world so she wanted to give women's reproductive rights to men. Those men knew that if their mother had of acted like this, they would not be here today. In the name of God, let's fight abortion!

Right wing fundies might have a good political agenda in some things, but mention abortion and they suddenly become very stupid and act like parrots citing the "Pledge Of Allegiance." Keep in mind that your politicians put up with backwards crap like this because they want your votes. It has nothing to do with betterment of society.

Keep in mind that your politicians put up with backwards crap like this because they want your votes. It has nothing to do with betterment of society. Dennis, truer words were never spoken.

Politicians play to the lowest common denominator. And right now, the bar is lower than the outgoing tide in the Bay of Fundy. Betterment of society? Right! The reality is the betterment of their bank account and their job security. The more batshit crazy the pronouncement, while wrapping yourself in the flag and singing the praises of Jesus, the more likely you are to retain your elected position, build up your coffers, and assure a lucrative position as a lobbyist after you leave office.

There are legitimate complaints about abortion, though they are shortsighted. Some complain they object to paying for the abortion. They don't usually reflect on the fact that many of those babies, if they were born, would cost them through social programs. The point I'm making is that there is a non-religious objection available.

Like many Americans, I would like to support some sort of time limit on routine abortions. Assuming there are no underlying medical issues, I'm uncomfortable with a woman waiting until just short of birth to abort, Unfortunately, any erosion in the absolute right of a woman to choose the procedure would wash away the reasoning that she alone has the right to control her own body. Once that happens, it's open season on any and all abortion allowances. Sorry, as much as I would like to support reasonable restrictions, I'm not going there.

Russia may be clumsily dealing with the Muslim invasion by trying to boost it's native population. I may have misunderstood that section of the article.




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