RELIGION- the hate and intolerance brought about by delusional people who believe there is a God who makes them better than everyone else.

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That sums it up.

The last gasp was the Prosperity Gospel, designed to substitute for Truth in Commerce, the mega church pastors having finally figured out that they might as well break completely with the message of their Prophet (peace, love, compassion, and charity) and miss-characterize that message as: "Get rich, it's what God wants you to do!"  Arguably the worst is Joel Osteen (only he may only be the richest).  He wants his congregation of six figures (hundreds of thousands more on TV) to believe that he has a camel that can do stupid animal tricks such as passing through the eye of a needle. One televangelist was exposed and prosecuted for requesting money for private prayers the gullibles mailed in, operatives opening the envelopes instructed to take out the check and throw the prayers in the incinerator.  Osteen probably does not write his books, or writes them in collaboration with Victoria (or whatever her name is); she has such a bad rep among airline stewards they upchuck when they see her coming.  Rumor has it she wears the pants in the house, and I would hardly be surprised.  He is so cornball if he gained a little weight he could double for Mike Shuckabee.

All of these people are haters, though.  They hate African-Americans, gays, lesbians, transvestites, transsexuals, bisexuals, pansexuals, and especially any woman who does not want to live the life of a Stepford woman or carpet material for a handmaid's tale.  The hate spews out from smiling lips with statements like, "I love women, but I don't want them to abort Christ's creation" when the "but" makes a lie of all preceding it, and "creation" is a six-week-old zygote.  It spews out when they say things like "love the sinner [woman, gay, black, &c.] hate the sin."  This last one is particularly odious to the lgbt-queer community, because it implies the ability to save oneself from what one was born to be.  It spews out at Muslims, who claim to own the only god there is, while Jews and Christians insist on the same dangerous delusion.  It spews out when anyone forgets that speculative physics has us all united at the subatomic level, infinitely, particle-to-particle, meaning that we are, just as Donne said, all us a part of a piece.




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