I am obviously new here, so I wanted to give you all an idea of who I am.  I am nearing my 54th birthday, and have been and atheist since I was 13.  Mostly in the closet until I was 30, then I had gained enough knowledge to allow myself to be comfortable expressing my beliefs...or lack there of.  My parents always encouraged us kids to think about what we were being told, and ask questions if we didn't understand something.  This went for school or church.  My Sister and I were made to go to Sunday school each week, I could see the church from my front yard.  When I turned 13 my mother asked how I felt about what they were telling me at Sunday school?  I told her that most of what they taught did not seem to add up, and she left the decision to me as to continue going.....I didn't.

Because of my parents encouraging me to ask questions, the folks at Sunday school were probably as happy as I was when I didn't return.  I have since treated religion the same way I do when I go to the fridge for lunchmeat, I know some of it has been there for awhile, I look at it, even smell it, but when I put it in my mouth it doesn't take long to determine if its bad, and I spit it out.  I've been spitting out religion for years, it just never quite tastes right.

It is so refreshing to read comments and thoughts that parallel my own.  I look forward spending time on this site, but it seems more and more my computer time always ranks near last on things I need to do.

See you later.


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Welcome Dan. I believe you'll like it here .

Welcome Dan. I agree that religion just doesn't taste right. What is the right religion? Why, of course, it's the one that you just happen to be following and have believed in it all your life regardless of the fact that there are thousands of gods and religions out there.

Hello Dan and welcome.




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