Friedrich Nietzsche proposed that a pontificating Christianity developed a moral system that inverts Nature. In The Anti-Christ, he said Christianity is "hostile to nature" and is a "religion of pity." (1895) Actually, all of the Abrahamic religions have developed a moralistic antipathetic bastardization and a  toxicity contravention to- wards Nature by evaluating natural human instincts as depraved. The Big 3 Religions show an insistent, consistent and persistent hostility, aversion, and repugnance towards human biological drives. Holier-than-thou dogmatic religions continue their disdainful recriminations and insidious attack on the natural propensities of humans. Religions nonsensically blast against the Satanic Triumvirate from the natural world -> the flesh, the human body, and Nature itself. Abrahamic religions make a mockery and extortion of Nature with a radical anti-hedonistic stance towards enjoyment of our bodies, especially a frightening condemnatory anti-sex view. Religions display a censorious denunciation of the natural world, yet satirically and hypocritically gain materially by engaging in the human world (eg. seed faith). Legerdemain venomous toxic religions contradict the laws of Nature by subordinating human natural desires to the dictates of a fabricated unnatural exacting deity.

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 According to the teachings the world is bad and god good. We must reject our human nature and litterally "become a slave to christ." We are told we are above the world and it was created for us to dominate. Yep its sick.

Also, it's Dominator Culture.

Silly! Just simply senseless! The whole notion of sexuality as being a sin, especially as it applies to the human experience of one's sexuality reflects ignorance. I remember so well the pressure to keep my children's hands out of the covers so they would not masturbate. Balderdash! Just plain ignorance! 

What was all that nonsense about? What was the worst that could happen if a child discovered sensitive tissues between his and her legs? What was wrong with touching, fondling, experimenting, exploring one's sexuality? 

When boys and girls mature into puberty, they don't need fear to add to their already confused experiences; they need information. They need to know about hormones and the natural urges to share sex with each other and these feelings exist as biological drives. They need to know the risk of sexually transmitted diseases and the role of human sexuality, reproduction, and how to protect from unintended pregnancies. 

Developing a moral system that inverts Nature into "The Anti-Christ?" "Hostile to nature?" "Depraved?"

These judgments exist as pure PIFFLE worthy of scorn, disdain, and derision!

Incest is how we got here. It was in god's perfect plan. God used this a second time after Noah and the Ark. It must have still been a perfect plan. Besides, you don't need Christ or god without it. The whole idea of it explains why Adam and Eve lived so long. They had to for this plan to even work.

Believers have to have Adam and Eve to know where we came from. Who was the first human? Which came first the chicken or the egg? Imagine asking that question of disease germs. Yes, in the beginning there were only 2 disease germs. People would think you are crazy!

Why do so many women cling to a religion so hostile to them?

I have asked and none seemed to know, or none would tell. Last week I was browsing Kindle samples of Alfred Kinsey's famous (and ancient) books on male and female sexuality and adjacent passages in his 1953 book on female sexuality seemed to connect. "Bingo!" I said when I realized that with religion, women can use guilt or shame to discourage behavior they don't like.

It seems a passive-aggressive means to an end, but when I was young I was taught, and required to use, aggressive means to the ends I wanted. When I became a political activist and met men who used aggression more effectively than I, I took an assertiveness class and learned a better way.




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