I have heard from a lot of religious people that "Science and religion goes hand in hand". I do not agree with this because religion is based on super natural beliefs that goes against scientific evidence. Now if you are religious and you believe in science, that is one thing. But you cannot say that your religion has anything to do with science or that it supports it. Religion is perhaps a pseudo-science that has failed us tremendously, it has made people turn their backs against modern science and it has only strengthen their extremely delusional beliefs. But if you say this, then religious people will say "Wow, you are arrogant!", but then what is wrong with being arrogant when you are right?


But what do you think? Do you think that religion and science shares anything in common? And what do you think about people who claims they do? 

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Yes to everyone's previous posts.
Only thing I can think to add is that, I think, it is significant to note how craven the faithfull get in their attempts to bolster their faith based beliefs w science whenever they think they can. For instance "Why People laugh at Creatiinists" has for years been chronicling the ludicrous, laughable knots they tie themselves into trying to use science to support creationism.

They use faith to bolster their positions because that is all they have. At some level anyway, most of them even, know that science and reason trump their faith. But faith, force, and indoctrination and such are usually all they have in their arsenal.

Interpretations of holy texts change as new scientific discoveries are made and eventually accepted by the majority of people. Look at how few people still believe in a literal six-day creation because of the overwhelming evidence of the universe being 13.7 billion years old and the Earth being 4.5 billion. In the end they have to be really vague so that they're not as easily disproven, and I've heard some laughable attempts of explaining inconsistencies and absurdities, like the Jehova's Witness view of creation being from the perspective of a hypothetical human that would have been on Earth at the time, which is why day and night would be seen before the sun.

yes i agree with you, Science and religion can never go hand in hand. question is what is religion. religion is basically about believing in a personal god. but what is science. science is what that proves the existence of a god is a lie. 

No matter what our religious beliefs are, at the end of the day no one can survive without Science but we can without Religion. and i truly think without religion world would be a better place. people need to understand what science truly is, and how to be Good or Evil. and the morals. read the below article that explains what is science and how it affects Good and Evil and Human Condition.


Science and religion are not even compatible (I started a discussion on that, on this forum, if you're curious) it has to do with confilcting foundations or first principles. I "de-converted" as soon as I tried considering the idea of god as a scientific hypotesis (credit to Dawkins for the idea).

More to the topic. As far as I remember from when I was religious, the idea is that science shows god's glory by revealing the complexity of the universe. It requires that one believes god created evernthing to impress.

I can think of one thing were science and religion have something in common (sort of). Religion may have (in some cases) have started due (in part) to a quest for knowledge (or answers), e.g. why is there a volcano and how does it work? The religious answer will involve pele, hephistus or similar. In other words the idea that religion is our first attempt at understanding the world.




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